Failed, Dismantled Harmon Hotel is Now Little More Than a Nub

The Harmon Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip never hosted even a single guest, and now, it’s almost a memory.

Harmon Hotel Las Vegas
Engineers determined the Harmon would topple in a 7.7-magnitude earthquake. Because Las Vegas gets those, never.

Construction of The Harmon, part of CityCenter, was halted after serious defects were found, and the building has been painstakingly dismantled over time, floor by floor.

The Harmon was originally supposed to have 49 floors, but in the end, the structure had 28.

The deconstruction process is nearing completion, with just a few floors remaining.

Harmon tower
Another item for the “What were they thinking?” file.

Lawsuits resulting from the Harmon fiasco have been settled, with MGM Resorts paying $173 million to resolve the matter.

Here’s a “before” photo, for scale.

Harmon demolition
The Harmon was supposed to have 400 hotel rooms and 207 condos. Construction defects, then, resulted in fewer condo salespersons in Las Vegas. Not a total disaster after all.

The dismantling of The Harmon is expected to cost $11.5 million.

Harmon tower

Soon, The Harmon will be just another quirky, funny-sad twist in the story of Las Vegas, a pre-emptive “implosion” sans fanfare.

Only in Vegas, baby.