Downtown’s Banger Brewing Ups Its Gastronomy Game

Everyone’s pretty much in agreement that downtown’s Banger Brewing has beer down (wait for it) cold.

Recently, though, the popular microbrewery has brought on a new culinary partner, Las Vegas Food Junky, to ensure guests get a better-rounded epicurean experience.

Banger Brewing
If you blink, you’ll miss it. Insider tip: Don’t blink.

Las Vegas Food Junky is a Las Vegas catering company, perhaps best known for its food truck.

The company is owned by chef Marita Purcell, formerly a chef at Fleur by Hubert Keller at Mandalay Bay.

Las Vegas Food Junky
Chef Purcell whips up one of her signature cures for the drunchies.

Purcell and her team have put together a simple, crowd-pleasing menu that’s a great complement to Banger Brewing’s beer selection.

Banger Brewing menu
Let’s graze.

Preparing food at Banger Brewing provides a chef unique challenges, since the kitchen is outside the venue, and has a footprint about the size of a large phone booth.

Note to Millennials: Phone booths were things people stood in to make calls on pay phones. Pay phones were telephones you’d put coins into in order to call people. People were other humans you’d be forced to interact with, you know, before there was Tinder and free porn on the Internet.

Banger Brewing menu
The flip side of the menu. The suspense was killing you, wasn’t it?

None of the menu items are more than $12, and vegetarian options are plentiful. Each item on the menu has a suggested pairing with a Banger Brewing beer.

The Spaghetti Baguette ($10) was delicious and filling.

Banger Brewing food
Baguettes are long loaves of French bread, ranging in length from two inches to 26 inches, depending upon whether or not it can afford to go into the Champagne Room.

The Soy Chorizo Tostada With Avocado ($12) was hugely popular during our visit.

Banger Brewing
Tostada is a Spanish word meaning “toasted.” Especially fitting since you’re on Fremont Street.

Chef Marita Purcell plans to change up the menu often, so don’t get emotionally attached to anything.

Our favorite munchie was the Doughnut Holes With Cinnamon and Sugar ($8). We were told there was a baker’s dozen if these bad boys, but they disappeared before we had time to count them.

Banger Brewing
Little balls of heaven.

Banger Brewing fans will find the new menu tempting, and it’ll give those unfamiliar with Banger a reason to visit. Oh, and there’s also a metric hell-ton of frosty beer.

Banger Brewing
Ask about Banger Brewing’s free guided tour where you can learn about bungs and cask-conditioning and lagering and other brewery words we just looked up on the Internet.

The blissfully smoke-free Banger Brewing is located at Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas, but don’t hold that against it.

Banger Brewing
Banger Brewing is Fremont Street’s first craft brewery. It’s one of the few places we’ll visit despite the fact it doesn’t serve Captain Morgan. Nobody’s perfect.

More photos below, because that’s how this blog rolls. And trust us, a few more of those amazing doughnut holes, and we’ll mean that literally.

Banger Brewing