Demolition of Harmon Hotel at CityCenter Begins, Sort Of

After months of legal wrangling over the defective Harmon Hotel at CityCenter, the process of taking down this magnificent cluster of a project has finally begun. Well, somewhat. It’s actually more akin to “a good tidying up,” but it’s a step in the right direction.

The court has agreed the first stage of the Harmon tower’s demolition, the removal of scrap materials from inside the building, can proceed, but the bulk of the building’s dismantling must await further court approval.

Harmon tower
It only cost $275 million. Pocket change in Vegas.

The 26-floor Harmon Hotel was never completed due to construction defects.

At one time, the plan was to implode the building, but given the logistical nightmares, the Harmon tower, currently the most expensive billboard in Las Vegas history, is expected to be taken down floor-by-floor.

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