Random Vegas Trivia: Penn Jillette Holds a Patent Designed to Please the Ladies

Penn Jillette, the more talkative half of the comedy-magic team of Penn & Teller, is known for many things. He’s not just a Las Vegas headliner, he’s also a musician, vocal skeptic and atheist, a fire-eater, reality TV star and philanthropist.

But what you might not know about Penn Jillette is he’s also an inventor and patent-holder. Specifically, he holds patent number US5920923A, for a “Hydro-Therapeutic Stimulator.”

Basically, it’s a patent for a spa with a water nozzle intended to provide pleasure to female bathers. The lengths some entertainers will to go to in order to make their fans happy!

Here’s a diagram of Jillette’s sensational invention. Literally.

Las Vegas
Today’s dose of Las Vegas toplessness. You’re welcome!

As with most patents, Jillette’s has a lot of details about how the device works.

Here’s the nitty-gritty of the invention: “A spa of a type including a tub for holding water and a user, in particular, a female user. A discharge nozzle is located within the tub and connected to the outlet, mounted to the seat so that the discharged water from the circulation pump automatically aligns with and is directed to stimulation points of the female user when the female user sits in the seat.”

We feel more relaxed just reading that patent excerpt.

Penn Jillette
Just another day at the office for Penn Jillette.

It’s obvious Penn Jillette takes research and development seriously, as he included in his patent, “Applicant has discovered that additional outlet nozzles located in the seat and generally directed to the female user’s genitalia is not as effective as a single nozzle directing a single stream of fluid to a specific stimulation point of contact.”

Here’s the patent, in case your curiosity is getting the best of you, pervert.

Penn Jillette can also be seen in the long-running “Penn & Teller” show at Rio Las Vegas, one of our favorite Las Vegas shows.

On Jan. 5, 2014, Penn Tweeted, “It was 13 years ago today that Penn & Teller started at the Rio in Vegas. Time flies when you’re shooting each other in the face with guns.”