Crossroads Burgers Discreetly Closes at Resorts World

The sister restaurant of Crossroads Kitchen at Resorts World, dubbed Crossroads Burgers, has closed.

The casual restaurant featured plant-based cuisine, as does Crossroads Kitchen.

While Crossroads Kitchen, considered fine dining, remains in operation, the more casual option is pushing up daisies. Because plants. Please try and keep up.

In folklore, “crossroads” is a place “neither here nor there.” This currently applies to Crossroads Burgers.

Crossroads Burgers opened in 2022, with its own menu and seating area.

Crossroads restaurant sits in the space where Marigold was. That restaurant closed after five months of operation.

All traces of Crossroads Burgers are gone, and we can only assume that has to do with the fact burgers made from plants are abominations and possibly violate the Geneva Conventions. Yes, it’s “conventions,” plural.

The Geneva Conventions are made up of four conventions, three protocols and 159 articles. Why are you learning this from some idiotic Las Vegas blog? Our education system has clearly failed us.

We should probably share the “before” photo, too. If you’d like to see that, raise your hand. If you raised your hand, put down the rum.

The burgers weren’t bad, they just were a far cry from real burgers, as are all veggie burgers. It’s a mouth feel thing, mostly.

Cows, however, are adorable, and we have become vegan several times, then remembered cakes and cookies made without eggs taste like feet, and we’re out.

They told us to try the Impossible Chicken Nuggets. We would rather regret the things we didn’t do than regret the things we did.

Crossroads Burgers is not a huge loss, as it was more a casual food counter than a stand-alone restaurant.

We don’t get to Resorts World all that often, so sorry if Crossroads Burgers closed during our absence. If something is new to us, it’s news to somebody.

We should probably trademark that line, but we are very busy and important and also have no clue how to even do that.