Cowgirl Up Cantina Nears Completion at Binion’s Las Vegas

A new outdoor bar, Cowgirl Up Cantina at Binion’s, in downtown Las Vegas, is nearing completion.

Cowgirl Up Cantina
Too many bars is never enough downtown.

The new outdoor bar has windows so players in the casino can still see the lights of the Fremont Street Experience.

Cowgirl Up Cantina
We’ll drink to that. Very soon, in fact.

Once open, in the next week or two, the Cowgirl Up Cantina at Binion’s will offer one of the best views downtown.

Cowgirl Up Cantina
A little neon was sacrificed, but there’s a lot more where that came from.

We can’t wait to have our first cocktail at this outdoor watering hole in one of the best locations on Fremont Street. Or possibly anywhere.