Confirmed: Bob Marley Show and Attraction Set for Mandalay Bay

When we first shared news Mandalay Bay was getting a Bob Marley-inspired experience, the sense of underwhelm was palpable.

All due respect to the memory of Bob Marley, but he passed away more than four decades ago.

Now, our scoop has been confirmed, our favorite phrase in the English language. Bob Marley Hope Road opens in late 2024.

Due to inflation, they considered calling it “Hope Lane,” but cooler heads prevailed.

Look, it’s not that we need to make everything about us. We don’t need to brag about every scoop or endlessly talk up the excellence of our sources. We can all move on if everyone can simply agree we are the best thing to happen to Las Vegas since the advent of boobs.

Anyway, Bob Marley’s family hasn’t extracted enough money from his legacy yet, so they’re moving Bob Marley Hope Road into Mandalay Bay’s former buffet space.

What is this? Here’s what it says in the news release: “Bob Marley Hope Road invites audiences to enter a world where the heartbeat of one man unites all in celebration. Guests will step into an authentic Jamaican experience as Bob Marley’s life and music unfolds around them in a lyrical tapestry of color and sound. Trench Town comes alive, giant trees blossom and waterfalls rush at their feet as performers dance, sing and interact with the audience, vividly expressing the triumphs, struggles and poetry of the Jamaican people that fueled Bob Marley’s music.”

The venue will offer two experiences: One, a self-guided exhibit called Bob Marley Hope Road by Day. The other, a show called Bob Marley Hope Road by Night.

Here are the official descriptions of each element of the venue.

Bob Marley Hope Road by Day: “Hope Road by Day will be an illuminating, shared, multi-sensory experience. As audiences wander at their own pace, they will witness Bob’s electric stage presence like never before, interact with vibrant digital and analog installations, and explore mesmerizing musical and visual experiences that bring Bob’s messages of truth, freedom and ‘one love’ to life.”

Bob Marley Hope Road by Night: “Hope Road by Night is an exciting, intimate show that will envelop guests with live spectacle. As they jam through Bob Marley’s music and influence, an engaging cast, representing the kaleidoscope that is humanity, will captivate audiences with powerful performances. Hope Road by Night will feature striking visuals, sets, and special effects that put show-goers centerstage as they sing, dance, and celebrate Bob Marley’s music and its impact on the world.”

It’s unclear how much of a connection our fellow youths have to Bob Marley, but “seasoned” visitors are likely to enjoy these concepts, and we’re actually excited to see what they’ve come up with. Let’s just say Las Vegas has been seriously under-reggaed. Las Vegas was once referred to as “The Mississippi of the West.” Super awkward.

A.I. botched it again. Bob Marley would be playing Buffalo. Google it, youths.

Older guests are the sweet spot for casinos, so it’s no surprise Mandalay Bay was up for hosting this interactive exhibit and show. Plus, we trust the folks producing the attraction, Five Currents and Primary Wave Music, are paying more rent than an abandoned buffet.

Executive producers for the project are Cedella Marley, Ziggy Marley, Scott Givens and Larry Mestel.

Bob Marley wasn’t just about music, although he brought reggae to heights it had never seen before (or since), Marley was about love and peace and unity.

Things the world needs now more than ever.

Bob Marley was a complicated figure living in complicated times. We trust the new show and exhibit will sidestep Bob Marley as a person (he fathered at least five illegitimate children), instead focusing on what he’s come to symbolize.

Las Vegas is very deft at compartmentalizing. Benny Binion was a murderer. Multiple murderer O.J. Simpson lived in Las Vegas and was embraced by many in the community. Mike Tyson, convicted rapist. Visionary Steve Wynn was also a serial sexual harasser. Comedian Eddie Griffin was tossed from Sahara for rumored bad behavior, but has slithered back to V Theater. David Copperfield has been implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, but continues to perform at MGM Grand. Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky ran an operation called Murder, Inc., yet they’re still glamorized at Flamingo, El Cortez and other casinos.

Anyway, we are what we focus upon, so let’s focus on how Bob Marley Hope Road will be a jubilant celebration of music, love and peace.

It’s time to brush up on your reggae anthems!

Bob Marley Hope Road feels like it’s going to have an uphill battle, but we’ve been surprised before. See also Area 15 and Play Playground, for starters.