Checking in On the Unflappable Lucky Dragon Resort

It’s high time we checked in on the little casino that could. Or at least might. Lucky Dragon.

Lucky Dragon
Just a couple more floors and the Lucky Dragon’s hotel tower will look done. Emphasis on “look.”

Construction at the Lucky Dragon resort continues despite a very public and embarrassing rejection of its request for a hand-out from the city of Las Vegas.

The resort is supposed to open in mid-2016, and that’s they story they’re sticking to.

Lucky Dragon casino
Even with its financial challenges, Lucky Dragon is far ahead of some other pending projects on The Strip, so, there’s that.

Activity at the Lucky Dragon site makes it clear the boutique hotel is undaunted by what is likely to be a tricky financial road ahead.

Lucky Dragon developers raised about $60 million in foreign investment (presumably the project’s limit from the EB-5 program where wealthy “entrepreneurs” can get U.S. visas through a hefty investment), and were looking for $25 million from the City of Las Vegas to shake loose another $30 million in bank financing.

While it appears Lucky Dragon has enough funds for the exterior to be completed, what happens next is anyone’s guess.

Lucky Dragon Las Vegas
Lucky Dragon’s window color isn’t random. Red is considered the luckiest color in China.

Despite the drama, it’s been fun watching Lucky Dragon’s red windows climb the outside of the hotel tower.

Lucky Dragon Las Vegas
This structure is the Lucky Dragon’s casino, where this Las Vegas blog is expected to donate more than the $500,000 required to get a U.S. visa through the EB-5 program. Assuming the casino has Top Dollar machines, of course.

If all goes well, Lucky Dragon will open with 206 hotel rooms, an Asian-themed casino and a collection of intriguing new restaurants.

Here’s the closest thing Lucky Dragon has to an official Web site.

Lucky Dragon casino
We’re rooting for you, Lucky Dragon. Why the hell else would we be wearing this cheerleader outfit?

Lucky Dragon is located near the intersection of Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard, near SLS Las Vegas, Stratosphere and the Bonanza Gift Shop.