Buffet of Buffets Pass Spawns Bastard Offspring

The Caesars Entertainment “Buffet of Buffets,” a great idea which pretty much priced itself out of relevance at some point, has spawned a similar deal at Luxor and Excalibur.

Well, "all-day" when the buffet is open. Always read the small print!
Well, “all-day” when the buffets are open, of course. Always read the small print!

The Buffet of Buffets pass allows 24-hour access to buffets at Caesars Entertainment hotels in Las Vegas. They include the Bacchanal at Caesars (with a $15 upgrade charge), Spice Market at Planet Hollywood, Le Village at Paris, Paradise Garden at Flamingo, Carnival World and Village Seafood (with a $10 surcharge) at Rio, Emporer’s at The Quad and Flavors at Harrah’s.

The Buffet of Buffets pass is $49.99, with weekend pricing at $69.99 ($64.99 for Total Rewards loyalty club members).

The miniature version of this all-day, all-access pass for the buffets at Luxor (called More) and Excalibur (cleverly called the Excalibur Buffet) runs $35.

When it comes to the cost of buffets in Vegas, everything is relative, so learn more about the buffets you’re planning to visit, have a strategy, and to get the most out of your pass, show up really, really hungry.