Bomb Tacos Lives Up to Its Name

When Bomb Tacos opened downtown, some doubted its chances of success. Bomb Tacos has proven the skeptics wrong, the restaurant more than lives up to its name.

It’s “bomb,” in case that wasn’t clear.

“Bomb” in the post-1997 sense, that is: Legit, epic, cool, awesome sauce and fire. In other words, Bomb Tacos is the opposite of what “bomb” meant prior to 1997.

Now that we’ve established the appropriate definition of “bomb,” boom.

Bomb Tacos
This taco has onion, cilantro and guacamole. We’re a big fan of guacamole and played it often at Chuck E. Cheese as a child. We’ll wait.

There are two Bomb Taco locations, both owned by chef Robert Solano.

The original Bomb Taco is located about 15 minutes west of The Strip, so let’s not pretend you’re ever going to go there.

The Bomb Taco downtown is a block off Fremont Street, on Carson Avenue. It’s 616 E. Carson Ave., to be exact, next to Vegenation and 7th & Carson restaurant.

You sort of can’t miss Bomb Taco, as its exterior sports bright colors galore and can be seen from the surface of Jupiter.

Bomb Tacos
Life is too short to blend in. Unless you’re blending rum into diet Coke. But that could just be us.

The space has been tricky for previous restaurant offerings, including Zydeco Po-Boys and Two Bald Brothers.

The third time’s a charm, apparently, because Bomb Tacos does brisk business and has become a popular hangout for denizens of downtown.

Bomb Tacos
Denizens in their native habitat.

Bomb Taco keeps the menu streamlined, and while the menu is limited, it hits all the right notes.

On a typical day, selections include carne asada, grilled chicken, carnitas, al pastor, braised brisket, fish and rock shrimp.

Oh, hell, why did we bother typing all that when we could’ve just shown you this chalkboard?

Bomb Tacos
Most chalkboards are made from porcelain enamel. It’s not like you’re reading these captions, anyway.

Here’s more of the menu.

Yes, there are veggie options, freak.

Bomb Tacos
We don’t even know what language they’re speaking right now.

The tacos have fairly straightforward ingredients, but manage to have wonderfully complex flavors.

In fact, the restaurant’s mushroom tacos were recently named “Best Tacos from the Earth” by Las Vegas Weekly. We’re going to trust the judgment of Las Vegas Weekly on this one, as we are definitely not a mushroom person.

Bomb Tacos
Jorge has never lost a staring contest.

The tacos run anywhere from $2.75 to $3.75.

Our recommendations: Grab the braised brisket tacos and al pastor.

Bomb Tacos
These tacos are a-maize-ing. Because tortillas are made from, oh, nevermind.

The Bomb Tacos Web site is fairly useless, so find out more about the place on their Facebook page.

Bomb Tacos
Not gonna lie, those two just look guilty as hell.

Bomb Tacos in downtown Las Vegas offers up an unpretentious, satiating dining experience that’ll satisfy your drunchies with a timeless Mexican classic.

In other words, try Bomb Tacos the next time you’re bombed.

You’re welcome for the new tagline, Bomb Tacos advertising copywriting person.