Which is Better: The Slot Machine or Movie That Inspired It?

Slot machines based upon movies are some of the most fun to play. But are they as fun as the movie which inspired them? We’ve got the answers to this rhetorical question, because that’s how we roll.

1. Gone With the Wind

This one’s easy. The movie is one of the most overrated in history. Besides, it doesn’t have bonus rounds or respins. Winner: The slot machine.

Gone With the Wind slot
Frankly, my dear, this one isn’t even close.

2. Iron Man

Disney is phasing out slot machines based upon Marvel characters, so enjoy this one while you can. While the video slot has some nice whiz-bang features, the movie’s still whiz-bangier. Winner: The movie.

Iron Man slot machine
Loud and sort of annoying, some phased-out games we won’t miss too much.

3. Grease

This match-up is closer than you’d think. This slot is really well done, with free spins, multipliers and cash bonuses galore. The video clips are sweet, and the music enhances the slot experience. Still, we’re giving the win to the movie. It’s “Grease.” Winner: The movie.

Grease slot machine
Who doesn’t long for the days when John Travolta didn’t have spray-on hair?

4. Joker’s Heist, Based Upon The Dark Knight

We barely remember the movie, but vividly remember the last time we played Joker’s Heist. (We won!) The bonus wheel bonus is truly a hoot. Winner: The slot machine.

Joker's Heist slot machine
Anarchy is overrated, especially if you have to clean up after it.

5. Footloose

The highlight of this video slot? The “Cut Loose Bonus” lets you choose the shoes you’d like to dance in. (Yawn.) The highlight of the “Footloose” movie? All of it. Winner: The movie.

Footloose slot machine
Kevin Bacon almost didn’t get the role in “Footloose.” The head of the studio didn’t think he was sexy enough.

6. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Another tough call. This game is an absolute blast, but we’ll always have a soft spot in our heart for the original. Winner: The movie, by a snozzberry.

Willy Wonka slot machine
Grandpa Joe free spins? How about acknowledging Grandpa Joe was a free-loader?

7. The Hangover

Don’t get us wrong, we loved the movie, but the “Hangover” slot is extremely entertaining, too. These two were neck-in-neck until we remembered the interactive Stun Gun Bonus, and that tipped the scales. Winner: The slot machine, but mostly because if the movies always won, this blog post would be even more boring.

Hangover slot
Plus, you get to play four games at once. Love it.

8. Ghostbusters

The movie’s a classic, but the slot machine isn’t. “Paranormal progressives”? Yeah, they clearly ran out of ideas at the slot machine factory. Winner: The movie.

Ghostbusters slot machine
The spirits didn’t move us.

9.  Jaws

They kind of just slapped the “Jaws” name on this slot machine, unfortunately. Winner: The movie.

Jaws slot machine
They’re gonna need a bigger boat, and a much better slot machine.

10. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Although strained in places (“Pick a pencil for credits!”), this slot is pretty solid. The video and sound clips are plentiful and provide a playful nod to the slacker classic. Winner: The movie.

Ferris Day off slot
Life moves pretty fast, something something we don’t remember and are too lazy to Google.

11. Wizard of Oz

You can only watch a movie so many times before it gets a little stale. The “Wizard of Oz” video slot is anything but. The bonuses are frequent, and when you hear that “You’re out of the woods, you’re out of the dark, you’re out of the night” refrain, you know you’re in the money. Winner: Sure, the movie has poppies, but ultimately, the slot machine.

Wizard of Oz
Did the movie have a progressive jackpot? Case closed.

12. Star Wars Trilogy

It wouldn’t matter how great this slot machine is, and it’s pretty great, we’re not saying it’s better than the movie because we don’t have enough hours in the day to argue with all the “Star Wars” nerds. And we are legion. Winner: The movies.

Star Wars
May the Biggs Darklighter and his porn star mustache be with you.

Oh, and Disney is taking away “Star Wars” slot machines, too. Talk about an evil empire. Read more.

Disagree with our assessments? We’d love to hear what you think. Just don’t type your comments in all caps. We’re sensitive.