Annual Changing of the Sign Is Happening at Westgate Las Vegas Hotel

In what’s become a familiar ritual, the sign is again changing at the former Las Vegas Hotel (LVH), formerly the Las Vegas Hilton, formerly the International.

Westgate Las Vegas
Oh, the signs they are a’changin’.

The hotel was recently purchased by Westgate Resorts, and the letters for the new Westgate sign are on-site, ready to be hoisted into place.

The LVH letters still haven’t left the building.

True to the rendering released by Westgate, the new sign will have no fancy font, and the lettering is yellow.

Westgate Las Vegas
It would be terrible if the installation guys screwed up and the new hotel was called “Mestgate,” wouldn’t it?

The sign will be illuminated by thousands of LED capsules. We have no idea if they’re called “capsules,” but “LED polyps” didn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Westgate Las Vegas sign
Related: The LED Polyps would make a great band name.

The Las Vegas Hotel was purchased for between $150 million and $170 million.

Westgate, of course, is the timeshare company, although the new resort is expected to be a mix of timeshares and traditional hotel-casino offerings.

The aforementioned rendering. Not a whole lot of Vegas flair happening as far as we can see.

The wacky owner of Westgate, David Siegel, is a controversial figure. His financial ups and downs were chronicled in the documentary, “The Queen of Versailles.”

Siegel says he’ll invest a substantial amount to renovate the Westgate Las Vegas. He’s said the renovations will include the addition of a dayclub and nightclub (presumably because of the scarcity of those in Las Vegas), converting the hotel’s Shimmer Cabaret with a lounge and changing the Tempo Lounge over to a high-limit gaming area.

Yes, we breached security to get these photos. Next time, we’re risking arrest for something cooler.

If the letters of the new Westgate sign look familiar, that’s because they were salvaged from another project in Las Vegas, the PH Towers Westgate (see below).

Westgate PH
David Siegel lost PH Towers Westgate in a foreclosure. Which, we’re thinking, bodes well for Westgate Las Vegas, at least in Bizarro Rich Guy World.

Here are more photos for the Las Vegas sign nerds, among whom this blog counts itself.

Westgate Gets Its Sign