10 Things You Can Rub for Good Luck in Las Vegas Without Getting Arrested

In Las Vegas, you can use all the good luck you can get. Not surprisingly, Sin City is filled with good luck charms.

One of the most popular ways for visitors to get lucky in Las Vegas involves “statue burnishing,” the act of touching or rubbing a statue to improve their mojo. Here are the most popular things you can rub for good luck in Las Vegas.

1. Caesar at Caesars Palace

The statue of Caesar at, wait for it, Caesars Palace is one of the most-photographed statues in the world, but his appeal doesn’t stop there.

Caesar statue
The statue is a replica of one known as “Augustus of Prima Porta.” Which we knew off the top of our head.

The Caesar statue is just inside the hotel’s valet entrance. There’s another statue near the elevators to the self-park garage, but it doesn’t feel as lucky for some reason.

Much love has been given Caesar’s left hand (see below), as evidenced by the high sheen and lack of patina.

Caesar statue
Rub the finger, but please, don’t pull it.

2. Crazy Girls at Planet Hollywood

They’re the posteriors known around the world for their luck-bestowing qualities. The titular “Crazy Girls” revue has been running on The Strip for an incredible 26 years, and interest has never sagged. Formerly at the now-closed Riviera.

Snap a pic, but don’t linger. That’s just creepy.

Crazy Girls statue
Don’t look here for a crack about this sculpture.

Note: The “Crazy Girls” statue is currently in storage as the show looks for a new venue.

3. Blarney Stone at The D

This chunk of the original Blarney Stone, from Ireland, is a holdover from when the former Fitzgerald’s became The D in the fall of 2012.

The stone is located on the second floor of The D, near Vue Bar.

Blarney Stone
Kissing the Blarney Stone traditionally means the kisser will get the “gift of gab.” Frankly, we’d rather get a royal flush.

4. Cleopatra’s Barge at Caesars Palace

This good luck charm at Caesars Palace could be considered a “twofer.” The tradition is to touch Cleopatra’s ample, um, bow. Protuberances. Blinkers. Sand bags. Rangoons. Oh, just make your best guess.

The time-honored practice is so common, Cleopatra’s frontage is the most frequently re-painted part of Caesars Palace.

Without Cleopatra’s good luck, your gambling session could be a bust.

5. Laughing Buddha at Aria

Leaving cash gifts are fine, but you won’t get all the good luck coming to you if you don’t rub this laughing Buddha’s belly. Please do it respectfully, though, if you don’t want to cause an international incident.

This guy’s inside the door near the Aria’s north valet, although we get the sense he’d rather be closer to the buffet.

Aside from his well-polished belly, the laughing Buddha’s toe seems to also be a focal point for fortune-seekers.

If you’re interested in Chinese philosophy, you also try reading the “Toe Te Ching.”

6. Mermaids at The Mirage

Oh, let’s cut to the chase. Boobs are lucky in Las Vegas, plain and simple. There are more you can rub, without getting too arrested, in the lobby at The Mirage. Just look for the mermaids.

Mirage mermaid
Insert your own “buff” joke here.

7. Elvis at Westgate (Formerly LVH)

Las Vegas Hotel (LVH) was recently purchased by Westgate, but The King refuses to leave the building.

Elvis had 636 sold-out shows at the former Las Vegas Hilton, and boy was his pelvis tired.

This Elvis Presley statue is near the hotel’s registration desk, and is a popular stop as guests head into the casino.

Elvis’ ringed hand is clearly thought to be the luckiest spot on his statue.

A little less conversation, more burnishing.

8. Joe Louis at Caesars Palace

We’re pretty sure Caesars Palace has more statues than any other Las Vegas resort, so it follows it would also have more statues considered by gamblers to be lucky.

Touching the gloves of boxing champ Joe Louis, outside the hotel’s Mesa Grill restaurant, is said to bring copious good fortune.

Joe Louis statue
Joe Louis was world champion for 11 years and 10 months. And the “Brown Bomber” did it without having anyone’s lucky gloves to touch, other than his own.

9. David at Caesars Palace

We can’t leave Caesars Palace without a stop by the replica of David. David is elevated on a pedestal, so guests touch the big toe of his left foot for good luck.

This statue’s toe, it’s worth noting, gets more action in Las Vegas than even pro athletes and members of the royal family.

David statue
At one time, David had a gilded loin-garland. Incidentally, The Gilded Loin-Garlands would make a great band name.

10. Laughing Buddha at California Hotel

This perpetually gleeful guy definitely gets around!

You can’t miss this large wooden statue at the California casino in downtown Las Vegas, and superstitious players wouldn’t think of hitting the casino before rubbing that well-worn belly.

The laughing Buddha is said to represent longevity, prosperity and an aversion to Ab Rollers.

That’s our top 10 things to rub in Las Vegas for good luck! Brush up on your statue burnishing etiquette and let the unbridled fondling begin.

Do you have a favorite thing to rub in Las Vegas for good luck, we asked rhetorically, knowing full damn well how your mind works?

If you know of other lucky statues in Las Vegas, leave them in the comments section. We might include your suggestion in our next list and pay you a handsome reward. (Good luck with that.)