Sportradar Launches All-Inclusive Sports Betting Product for Operators

Posted on: June 28, 2022, 05:50h. 

Last updated on: March 16, 2023, 09:31h.

Getting started as an operator in an industry, especially one as convoluted as sports betting, is a challenge. Sportradar is now offering a new service for sports betting operators that addresses those challenges and makes onboarding easier.

Sportradar participating in a gaming expo earlier this year. The sports data company is launching a new all-inclusive sports betting option for operators. (Image: Front Office Sports)

Sportradar announced Monday that it is ready to present ORAKO to the betting community. It describes the product as an all-in-one sports betting solution for betting operators looking to introduce a sports betting offering or enhance an existing one.

The sports betting data provider asserts that ORAKO contains everything operators need to quickly launch and establish an omnichannel sports betting service for customers. It allows operators to connect with a broad user base while simultaneously offering a personalized betting experience.

Global Readiness

ORAKO is compatible with existing player account management (PAM) systems, and is preloaded with Sportradar’s third-party PAM partners. Complying with all major jurisdictions, including Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America, ORAKO provides global reach and supports the entry of operators into new and emerging markets.

With the ORAKO solution, operators choose how they build their sportsbooks and tailor their content, according to the interests and preferences of their customer base. In addition, it is capable of handling a large number of bets at any time. This is particularly important in high-profile sporting events, when the number of bets increases and operators need the security of a platform that can scale instantly.

With ORAKO, it is possible to manage up to 100% of a sportsbook’s operations and alleviate their need to invest in additional technology and innovation, freeing the operator to focus directly on expanding their business and achieving growth,” stated Sportradar Managing Director for Sportsbook Services Jacob Curciel.

Sportradar Continues Expansion

Sportradar has a significant presence in major sports markets around the world. The NBA owns a small piece of the company, which is also a partner of NASCAR and the NHL in the US. The company also has support from NBA legend Michael Jordan, who purchased a stake and became a Sportradar board advisor last year.

In Europe, Sportradar has a standing relationship with UEFA. In addition, ParionsSport en ligne, an online betting site of French operator FDJ, recently tapped into the company’s technology. Sportradar is providing the company with premium video content for sports fans.

FDJ is the first operator in France to contract Sportradar’s Live Channel Promotion service. This partnership uses the company’s technologies, combined with those of its technology partner WSC Sports, to provide ParionsSport customers with online video clips of key moments in near-live, thirty-second intervals.

The Live Channel Promotion product offers short-form video clips from major European soccer leagues, including Germany’s Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2, Spain’s Cup tournaments, Spain’s Copa del Rey and Supercopa and Germany’s BBL basketball league. In the first three months of the partnership, more than 100 games have already been implemented through Live Channel Promotion.