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Clemson QB Tajh Boyd Flatly Denies Gambling Debt Rumors

Imagine that you’re the starting quarterback for a top NCAA football program. You’re right in the middle of the National Championship race…and then you lose 51-14 to a rival, at home. And somehow, that’s not even the worst thing that happens to you over the weekend. That’s what happened to Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd, who…Read More

Caesars Debt Restructuring More Like a Shell Game

Caesars Entertainment continues to study the White House debt management strategies, it would seem; namely, when you can’t pay off your debt, acquire more, move things around on paper like a shell game, and look like you’re taking action by filing a near-Obamacare sized document with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company just…Read More

Caesars Breaks Off with Gansevoort Over Alleged Russian Mob Ties

Nothing breaks off engagements faster these days in the gambling universe than even the hint of a whisper of some wrongdoing in one of the party’s dossiers; reason being, in the new strict and pure regulated environment of gambling, including land casinos that have interactive licenses to operate online, nobody wants any dirt on their…Read More

Chips Ahoy: US Admiral Giardina Demoted Over Counterfeit Chips Scandal

It’s a relief, but not in a good way. For the first time in United States history, an American Navy admiral has been relieved of his current duties, and seen his rank fall from Vice to two-star admiral, and will be “reassigned,” hopefully not to the Somalian pirate vessels. Somehow the “vice” designation was more…Read More

Runner Runner Hits Hot Buttons on Both Sides of Gambling Fence

Stars of films nowadays usually know ahead of time that all kinds of merchandising and interviews are part of the job. They know that entertainment reporters will ask them all kinds of nosey questions about their latest paramour, a scandalous outfit, or a run in with the paparazzi. But what Runner Runner stars Justin Timberlake…Read More

Caesars Entertainment Rearranges Deck Furniture for Debt Restructuring

Can this amount of Titanic debt be salvaged from dragging the ship to the bottom of the financial ocean? That’s the question being asked as Caesars Entertainment Corp. put Planet Hollywood – one of their kingpin Las Vegas Strip properties – into a new holding company, along with the Interactive Division and the still-being-built Horseshoe…Read More

Japanese Casino Legislation On Target; Organized Crime Gets Shut Out

It’s been decades in the making, but Japan – spurred on by the promise of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games – appears to be finally making a real push towards legalizing land gaming in the island nation. News reports from Reuters say a solid draft of a gambling policy has been put together, and…Read More

Wynn Eyes Philadelphia for Next Casino Resort Project

The casino legend who started out back East – with the original property that has now become the much-sought-after Atlantic Club in New Jersey’s gaming mecca – seems to be putting a lot of energy into reclaiming his stakes in  that part of the world. While gaming mogul Steve Wynn waits to see which way…Read More

Cantor Gaming CEO Under Possible Investigation by Feds

Not a day goes by in the gaming universe without someone in a position of power somewhere being scrutinized by the feds anymore, it seems. Now Cantor Gaming CEO Lee Amaitis is under the spotlight, according to the The Wall Street Journal, on the coat tail of colleague Michael Colbert – Cantor’s now released vice president…Read More

Caesars and Wynn Rumored to Be Mating in Atlantic City

Politics and online gaming make strange bedfellows; people and businesses who may be locked in heated warfare with one another at some point have to make alliances at other points in order to make things happen. The latest crazy coupling rumor is swirling around the possibility of casino arch-rivals Caesars Entertainment Corp. and Wynn Resorts…Read More

US Vice Admiral Giardina Suspended for Possible Illegal Gambling

It’s well known that one of the hazards of problem gambling can be that it has the potential to disrupt the gambler’s work life, potentially even costing them their job. But while job-related consequences related to gambling may not be rare, it is unusual to see someone in a very prominent position deal with them….Read More

Study Suggests Casino Expansion Responsible for Gamblers’ Low Incomes

There have been countless studies on the effects of gambling on society at large. However, most of these studies have focused on individual issues: how a person might become addicted to slot machines, or how many people commit crimes to cover their gambling debts. Now, a prominent group of scholars has released a report that…Read More

Harry Styles of One Direction Caught Gambling Again in Perth Casino

Even successful young pop stars have to watch their bankrolls when gambling it seems: last year, the members of the uber popular boy band One Direction were warned by their management against gambling in casinos after the group got a little carried away and lost a bundle. In fact, they apparently lost enough money during their…Read More

Bitcoin Gambler Wins Big, But Not Everybody Is Happy About It

Bitcoins may seem a little strange to those who don’t use them, and probably even to those who have gone and bought themselves Bitcoin miners after deciding to join the  digital currency. But one man who certainly has a firm grip on Bitcoins is a gambler who goes by the online handle “Nakowa,” who has…Read More

Genetics, Gambling and Sports Prowess Connection Possible, Experts Say

There are clearly a number of different factors that go into whether a player or team might be susceptible to match-fixing. Certainly, players in competitions where there is less attention and less money on the line have less to lose by fixing a game or two. And in jurisdictions where regulation is lax, it’s less…Read More