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Online Poker In California Looking Up For 2013

Flag of California

With its substantial population of more than 37 million, and a brick-and-mortar poker room presence up and down the state that supports its many poker aficionados, it may seem surprising how difficult it has been to get an intrastate online poker bill moving forward towards passage in the Golden State. In fact, California is considered…Read More

Texas Holdem Held Up By State’s Legislature

Texas Holdem

In the state that exemplifies everything that poker is about: brash and unapologetic behavior, bold actions, and a dazzling disregard for money, a move by the state’s own legislature to control the game of Texas Holdem (and other poker variants) may seem a tad out of place. Nonetheless, a new poker bill, introduced in December…Read More

Bitcoin Casinos Raking in the Bits

The earnings results from the first wave of Bitcoin casinos are in, and they are surprisingly impressive all things considered, to the point that they are turning some heads and ruffling some brows throughout the casino industry. The most impressive display comes from, lovingly named after Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The Ireland-based gaming…Read More

Signs Point to No for Online Gaming in New Jersey

Flag of New Jersey

While there’s been no definitive word one way or the other concerning New Jersey’s pending online gaming bill before Governor Chris Christie, it would appear that the odds are currently stacked against it. In a radio interview touching on a wide range of Garden State related topics, Gov. Christie declared that he had yet to…Read More

Konami Developing New Dungeons and Dragons Slot Machine

Konami Gaming and Hasbro Inc. have reached an agreement that will allow Konami to develop a Dungeons and Dragons slot machine that will be based on Hasbro’s popular Dungeons and Dragons brand. While known more for their presence in the video game world, Konami has produced several slot machines of note, including Money in the…Read More