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VEGAS MYTHS BUSTED: Dry Heat is Safer Than Humid Heat

But it’s a dry 115 degrees …. Because dry, hot air evaporates sweat, which is how the human body cools itself, most summertime visitors...

Corey Levitan August 28, 2023

VEGAS MYTHS RE-BUSTED: The ‘Ocean’s 11’ Casino Robbery is Possible

EDITOR’S NOTE: “Vegas Myths Busted” publishes new entries every Monday, with a bonus Flashback Friday edition. Today’s entry in our ongoing series originally ran on Nov....

Corey Levitan August 25, 2023

VEGAS MYTHS BUSTED: Atomic Testing in Nevada Ended by the 1960s

Director Christopher Nolan's new movie, "Oppenheimer," throws a spotlight back onto the era of America's nuclear weapons testing. The biopic explores physicist Robert Oppenheimer's...

Corey Levitan July 24, 2023