Intoxicated Woman Refuses to Leave Rivers Casino, Allegedly Kicks Two Officers

Posted on: April 15, 2024, 03:38h. 

Last updated on: April 16, 2024, 09:24h.

A drunk woman was arrested early Saturday after she allegedly kicked two police officers at Illinois’ Rivers Casino.

Stephanie Neff in a mug shot
Stephanie Neff in a mug shot, pictured above, was arrested after she allegedly assaulted two police officers at Illinois’ Rivers Casino. (Image: Des Plaines Police Department)

Stephanie Neff, 38, of Lake in the Hills, Ill. was charged with two counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer, aggravated assault to a peace officer, and resisting a peace officer, according to Patch.

She appeared at a recent court hearing and was released from custody.

Refused to Leave

The incident began when Neff was trying to enter Rivers Casino Des Plaines at about 1 a.m. Security guards said she was too intoxicated to be given access to the property. She refused to leave and argued with the guards.

Guards asked Neff to leave the building several times. Eventually, the guards called the local police department.

Officers came to the gaming property where they found Neff and security guards on the complex’s third story. She soon began yelling at officers, police said. She later said she would exit the casino and would use a rideshare service to get home.

Officers escorted Neff to the rideshare area outside of the building. But then, she refused to get into the rideshare vehicle and started to walk back toward the casino. She once again started to argue with the security guards at the casino entrance before officers again attempted to get her to leave the casino.

When Neff moved toward security guards, an officer intervened.

Neff threatened to punch the officer in the face, Patch reported. She closed her fist and threw her arm out toward the officer, police said. She also allegedly struck him with her chest. The officer pushed her away before she approached the officer again, allegedly assaulting him in his arms.

Struggled in Police Car

After she was brought under control and taken to a nearby police car, officers struggled to get her into the back seat.

At that point, she kicked both a police sergeant and the same officer whom she previously assaulted, police said.

After she was subdued, she was driven to Des Plaines Police Department headquarters.

It appears that none of the security guards or officers suffered serious injuries from Neff’s violent outbursts.