Gambling Shack Raid Leads Oakland Cops to Arrest Three, Seize Flame Thrower

Posted on: October 26, 2021, 04:39h. 

Last updated on: October 27, 2021, 02:41h.

Oakland, Calif. police are continuing to investigate an illegal “gambling shack” they raided earlier this month. Eleven people were detained trying to flee the gaming joint and three were arrested, according to a police Facebook post released Monday.

The court-ordered raid was the result of a police investigation
Cash, firearms, and gaming equipment, pictured above. The items were seized by Oakland, Calif. police earlier this month in a court-ordered raid. (Image: Oakland Police Department)

While there on Oct. 14, cops seized four loaded firearms, a 50-round drum magazine, a flame thrower, and more than $17,500 in cash.

Police also seized eight gambling machines, a quarter pound of suspected meth, and a “large amount” of suspected tar heroin packaged for distribution inside of the gambling operation, police claim.

Two of the three people arrested were charged on outstanding warrants. A third person was charged for being a felon in possession of a firearm. That person was believed to run the gaming joint.

The court-ordered raid was the result of an ongoing police investigation.

Prior Oakland Raids

In an unrelated case, Oakland cops raided another alleged illegal casino operation in July as part of an ongoing crackdown on illegal gaming in California. It was run out of a car wash, police said.

While there, police seized 18 illegal, unlicensed gaming machines, six firearms, and two assault rifles, 30 high-capacity magazines, and $21,000 in cash. Police say these operations are tied to gangs.

The raid took place after cops got complaints from residents. Oakland police said in July the raid was the fourth operation of its kind broken up by officers so far in the year.

“We’ve shut down at least three illegal gambling operations in and around the same area. We do know that they’re tied to violence, including murders, kidnappings, narcotics trafficking, and human trafficking,” Oakland Police Capt. James Beere told KTVU, a local TV station, in July.

Slaphouse Targeted

In California, in February some 70 people were arrested after a police raid on an alleged illegal gambling joint operating as a “slap house” in Anaheim.

“Slaphouse” is the term used to describe an illegal gambling operation found in a residence or business, KABC, another local TV station, explained in a recent report. The name relates to players “slapping” the controls on some of the games.

Several gaming machines and firearms were seized, police said. The business allegedly fronted as a furniture store.