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Atlantic City casino smoking New Jersey

Atlantic City Casino Smoking Bill Will Distance Smokers From Workers

The continued allowance of smoking in Atlantic City casinos has some resort workers fuming. New legislation seeks to modify how the nine casinos can permit indoor tobacco use. But casino employees say the legislation does little to protect their health...

Devin O'Connor February 15, 2024

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Atlantic City casino smoking

Atlantic City Casino Smoking Opponents Take Fight to Senator’s Office

Atlantic City casino smoking opponents rallying outside a state senator's office who they say flip-flopped his support were invited inside amid frigid cold temperatures...

Devin O'Connor January 19, 2024
Atlantic City casino smoking New Jersey

Atlantic City Casino Smoking Cessation Calls Renewed

Atlantic City casino workers demanding a clean indoor air workplace are urging state lawmakers in Trenton to move quickly this legislative session. They hope...

Devin O'Connor January 10, 2024
Pennsylvania casinos smoking bill

Pennsylvania House Health Committee Likely to Forward Bill to Ban Casino Smoking

The Pennsylvania House Health Committee is expected to pass legislation Wednesday morning requiring the state's casino floors to go entirely smoke-free. The House Health...

Devin O'Connor November 15, 2023