Cashless Gaming Arrives in Spain Through Operator Recreativos Martin

Posted on: December 22, 2021, 09:09h. 

Last updated on: December 22, 2021, 10:18h.

Spain has become the latest country to embrace cashless options for gambling. Recreativos Martin is the first Spanish operator to include cashless gaming through a deal with Okto.

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Spain has become a trend-setter in the gaming industry. It has introduced cashless gaming through local gaming operator Recreativos Martin. (Image: Shutterstock)

Cashless gaming has a strong foothold in Las Vegas and elsewhere in the US. However, it hasn’t caught on significantly in other countries. That is slowly changing, and Recreativos Martin, a Murcia-based arcade operator, is pushing it forward.

Okto offers the Okto.Wallet,, a secure mobile-first payment solution for casinos. It was approved to enter the Spanish gaming scene this past June and is now being installed. The wallet is installed directly onto the devices and connects to casino management systems (CMS), facilitating game-play directly at the machines.

Our solution is entirely software-driven, and because it provides a fast, smooth and trouble-free digital experience, it connects with a younger adult demographic which in turn will increase the level of consumer engagement, help to broaden the player base and stimulate arcade footfall,” said Okto Country Manager for Spain Nacho Frade.

Recreativos Martin uses the Jackpot Systems CMS solution. Okto partnered with the company to launch in Spain this past June.

Recreativos Martin CEO Martin Sanchez added about the new rollout, “We are sure that Okto.Wallet has come to stay. If we add to that the trust that we already have in Jackpot Systems as our technology provider for years, we ensure that our bet is correct and we have anticipated a process that will spread quickly.”

Cashless to Become More Prevalent at Casinos

It’s believed that digital will continue to become a larger part of the land-based gaming infrastructure. Nevada is apparently on board, with the Nevada Gaming Control Board embracing the option. If Las Vegas accepts something, it’s likely to be welcomed by many other regulated gaming areas.

Cashless gaming makes it easier for gamblers to play. It eliminates the requirement of changing cash for chips, streamlining the experience. While this is a drawback to some gambling opponents, it’s an option that is here to stay.

Anti-gambling groups assert that cashless gaming will only lead to more time spent gambling, which means more money spent as well. However, the technology also allows for controls to be implemented. Among these are limits on spending and limits on time. These controls are not possible when exchanging cash for chips at a cage.

There are other benefits to cashless gaming as well. Casinos have the ability to access significantly greater amounts of data through cashless options. This enables them to better understand their clientele, which can help them create enhanced marketing, and even responsible gaming solutions.

There’s another huge benefit to cashless that can’t be refuted, even by the staunchest anti-gambler. Cashless makes it virtually impossible to launder money through a casino. Each customer has to register to use the option, and all transactions are recorded.

Cashless supporters have said that the option is a “convenience,” but, in reality, it goes much further. The next few years are likely to witness a greater adoption of cashless gaming in different jurisdictions around the world.