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Kevin Horridge

Kevin Horridge

Our math man, Kevin is the number guru. He calculates odds in his head the same way the rest of us make a cup of coffee. He gets involved in all the news stories involving numbers, and we often turn to him for help on financial news stories as he used to be in banking. However, he says that being a gambler is a far more respectable occupation these days.

Marijuana Ban Enforcement Could Be Back on, says Sean Spicer. Will Online Gambling Be Next?

Sean Spicer warns of marijuana crackdown

The Trump administration’s preparedness to crackdown on recreational marijuana use could have ominous overtones for regulated online gambling in the US. On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer fired a warning shot to the eight states that have decriminalized the use of the drug recreationally, emphasizing that they shouldn’t expect the leniency exercised by…Read More

2024 Los Angeles Olympics Odds Improve Following Budapest’s Withdrawal

2024 Los Angeles Olympics Eric Garcetti

The 2024 Los Angeles Olympics organization saw its odds of landing the Summer Games greatly improve this week, after Budapest officially withdrew its bid to host the quadrennial spectacle. With Hungary out, only Paris remains in the City of Angels’ way in bringing the Olympics back to Southern California for a third time. Los Angeles…Read More

Predicting March Madness an Insane Endeavour in 2017

March Madness odds sports betting Duke

March Madness is just two weeks away, and for those who are setting odds on the men’s basketball tournament, plenty of unknowns remain on which team is the best in the country. Last night didn’t help. #10 Duke was one of the hottest programs, riding a seven-game winning streak that included road victories over #20…Read More

Aussie Politician on Online Poker: “Screw the Government, Get a VPN”

Senator David Leyonhjelm joins fight for online poker in Australia

If Australia’s online poker players are unable to convince politicians to call off a proposed ban on online poker, they should “screw the government,” get themselves a “VPN and and an offshore account,” and carry on as they were. These are the words of Liberal Democratic Senator for New South Wales David Leyonhjelm, a libertarian…Read More

Bases Loaded for Las Vegas Professional Sports, Big Four Grand Slam Possible

Las Vegas professional sports MLB Rob Manfred

Las Vegas professional sports have been nonexistent since the town was incorporated in 1911, but that could soon change, as the gambling mecca now has the attention of all four major pro leagues in the United States. This week, Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred expanded on his public interest in Sin City. Speaking…Read More

California Mulls Latest Online Poker Bill, with Plenty of Ifs, Ands, or Buts

Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer AB 1677 California online poker

The California online poker legislative push is back from the dead, and so is State Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Saywer (D-59th District) and his bill. Jones-Sawyer’s attempts to unite warring factions in the state’s gaming industry died in 2014 and 2015, along with his poker bills of those same years, but give the man credit: he doesn’t…Read More

Minnesota Charitable Games Charitable to State Coffers, Not Actual Nonprofits

Minnesota charitable games taxes

Minnesota charitable games are used by roughly 1,200 nonprofits across the Gopher State as a way to grow revenue for the missions of their respective organizations. But the latest fiscal report on the legalized gambling sector shows that state tax coffers are getting rich, while the actual groups themselves are barely pulling in more money…Read More

Fantasy Aces Hires Criminal Lawyer as New York Gaming Commission Turns Up the Heat

Fantasy Aces investigated by New York Gaming Commission

The New York Gaming Commission has launched an investigation into Fantasy Aces, the daily fantasy sports site that filed for bankruptcy at the end of January, apparently unable to pay its players. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company’s management has hired attorney Robert J. DeGroot, a criminal defense lawyer, to field questions from…Read More

Macau Casino Stocks Look for Recovery After Losing $146 Billion

Macau casino stocks gambling

Macau casino stocks are in recovery mode, but the overall consensus among financial analysts is that the rebound won’t restore the massive value lost over the past three or so years. From Bloomberg to Barron’s, market commentators are issuing stern warnings on the overall health of the Macau gaming and hospitality sectors. Multiple international casino companies…Read More

Borgata to Get Just Half of Back-Owed Tax Refund from New Jersey Coffers

Former US Senator Jeffrey Chiesa

Atlantic City will pay its top-producing casino Borgata $72 million, less than half of the $165 million it owes the gaming operator in property tax refunds. The agreement, according to the Press of Atlantic City, was negotiated by New Jersey state overseers, and lays to rest the long-running dispute between the city and its largest…Read More

UK’s Youngest Lottery Winner to Sue Operator for Negligence

Youngest UK lottery winner to sue Camelot.

The UK’s youngest ever lottery winner is planning to sue the national lottery operator, Camelot, for enriching her and thus blighting her existence. Four years ago, Edinburgh native Jane Park won £1 million ($1.24 million) at the tender age of 17, an event that “ruined” her life, she claims. It was a case of too…Read More

Elk Grove Casino Project Can Move Forward in California Following US Interior Decision

Elk Grove casino Wilton Rancheria Sacramento

The proposed Elk Grove casino project just miles south of Sacramento can move forward. That’s the result of the US Department of the Interior’s decision to take into trust 36 acres of land the Wilton Rancheria tribe acquired just last month for $36 million. Now that the acreage has been deemed sovereign grounds, the Native…Read More

Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Reaches Deal to Box Conor McGregor in Las Vegas

Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor fight

Floyd Mayweather isn’t scared to step into the ring to fight Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) Conor McGregor. He just wants to be paid in Mayweather fashion for doing so. After months of speculation, “Money” has reportedly come to financial terms with McGregor to go one-on-one with the 28-year-old mixed martial artist. The announcement, first reported by…Read More

Mississippi Gaming Commission Faces Far-reaching Decision on Biloxi, Diamondhead Casinos

Jacob’s Entertainment’s casino proposal, Diamondhead, Mississippi

In Mississippi, two casino companies are anxiously awaiting a gaming commission decision on whether their proposals, earmarked for beachfront plots in Biloxi and nearby Diamondhead, will be approved for construction. Approval could have far-reaching implications for southern Mississippi, and detractors say it could open the area and its beaches up for extensive casino development, which…Read More

Cellblock LV: In a City of Constant Action, Cellphone Providers Try to Keep Up with Tourist Demand

Las Vegas cellphone service network tower cells

Las Vegas cellphone service is often hit or miss during busy events on the famed Strip. Local officials want to change that in order to make sure all of the city’s patrons can quickly connect to their mobile networks. Like any other major metropolis, cellphone coverage in Vegas becomes a problem when massive groups of people…Read More