9 Insane (But True!) Things About Las Vegas

Rows of slot machines. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. (Image: terragalleria.com)
Rows of slot machines. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. (Image: terragalleria.com)

When it comes to Las Vegas there are more Urban Legends than anyone person could ever possibly imagine. The truth is that “What happens in Vegas” doesn’t stay in Vegas. Information does, in fact, get out and about very quickly. But, while some things are just not true, there are more than enough really insane things that are every bit true. Here are just a few of the most outrageously insane truths about Las Vegas.

Number Nine: 

This insane fact will require you to find the fountain of youth because even 288 years of life won’t be enough. The truth is it would take you over 288 years of life and every night of those 288 years in order to stay one night at every hotel room in Vegas.

Number Eight:

There is absolutely no shortage of slot machines in Vegas. Currently, there is one slot machine for every eight people residing in Las Vegas. Add in 40 million visitors last year and you actually have a shortage of slot machines. It is a good thing that gamblers in Vegas are never without access to online casinos. But whatever you do, don’t attempt to gamble outside of Las Vegas, it is actually illegal. So, better get one of the 105,000 available rooms and stay hunkered down in Vegas city limits and wait your turn.

Number Seven:

Vegas is a city upon a city so it seems. One would think that with there being so many hotels, restaurants, casinos and entertainment that there would be no need for housing beneath the streets of the city, but there is in fact, a city beneath a city.

“Tunnels In Las Vegas” (Image: dailymail.co.uk)
“Tunnels In Las Vegas” (Image: dailymail.co.uk)

It is estimated that as many as 1,000 people dwell in the underground tunnels of Las Vegas. There are over 200 miles of tunnels built underneath the city as a part of what was originally supposed to be a subway system built in the 1930’s. Others claim that it was a system put in place to deal with flooding. The people who live in the deep trenches often go without light, but have carefully adorned their humble abodes with furniture and all the trappings of home.

Number Six: 

The City of Lights, aka Las Vegas is the brightest spot on planet earth when peering down from space. What is known as light pollution is not so much an aggravation from spacial viewers, but, perceived as a waste of energy when one considers that much of the light is pointing towards the heavens.

Who knows? Maybe casino owners are hoping to bring back the aliens who were once housed in the secret airport known as Area 51. No matter what theories you embrace, the City of Lights would not seem right without the glitz, pizazz and flash. No need to worry about being blinded by the lights while indoors. There are no windows in the casinos or clocks either for that matter.

Number Five: 

We are as serious as a heart attack about this insane truth. A man once suffered a heart attack while eating a monstrous 8,000 calorie burger at the famous Heart Attack Grill. This “you gotta be kidding me” establishment welcomes patrons who are over 350 lbs to eat all they want for free. For the bad “patient” who refuses to eat all of his food he can anticipate a spanking from the scantily clad waitresses, excuse me, nurses that ensure you are well fed.

“Burger At Heart Attack Grill” (Image: earth66.com)
“Burger At Heart Attack Grill” (Image: earth66.com)

Number Four: 

While James Bond and other fictional playboys of Hollywood are synonymous for their black books, it seems that they aren’t the only ones who rely on a black book. The truth is there truly does exist a black book of a different variety floating around Las Vegas.

This black book is one that holds the names of villainous characters who are banned from the city and cheats. Casinos that refuse to exclude these people of ill-repute from their establishments could lose their license. It is reported that even “Ole Blue Eyes” himself couldn’t be forgiven for letting Giancana in at his northside hotel. Shame on Frank Sinatra, he should have been more serious about his black book.

Number Three: 

Las Vegas is indeed an adult playground with all the vice fulfillment one could imagine. But, contrary to popular belief, prostitution is in fact not a vice that is legal.

However, prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada provided that the county where prostitution is provided does not go over a population of 400,000 people. Both Las Vegas and Reno happen to be in counties that exceed 400,000 so prostitution is illegal.

At one time it was tolerated a more than it is today, but because Vegas has evolved into a family-friendly tourist spot as well as an entertainment capital, officials have been encouraged to be clean it up and uphold the law, thereby making Vegas accessible by all.

Number Two:

Las Vegas is considered Little Hawaii and  it is home to a very large population of Hawaiians. For example, The California Hotel and Casino caters to local Island transplants. More than 300,000 trips to Vegas are made by Hawaiians annually making Vegas the #1 destination place for Hawaiian travelers.

The truth is that Vegas is considered the most Hawaiian city outside of Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiians have a hefty passion for gambling and the cost to travel to Vegas fulfills that taste without breaking the bank. Many now call Vegas home due to the drastic difference between the cost of living on the mainland and the Island paradise. When arriving in Vegas don’t forget to say “Aloha.”

Number One:

When it comes to Vegas, expect big. Whether you are talking about the amount of vodka poured annually at a casino or the mega pounds of shrimp that are eaten daily in Vegas, you can be guaranteed that it is larger than life.

“Liberace” (Image: billboard.com)
“Liberace” (Image: billboard.com)

But, nothing beats the reality of larger than life Liberace. It is reported that in the 1970’s this amazing showman earned $300,000 a week to play piano at the Hilton. That would equal $1,357,294.00 a week in today’s terms. Oh, as far as vodka goes, 600,000 ounces is poured at a single casino annually while 60,000 pounds of shrimp are eaten daily!

The most insane thing about Vegas? Well, just about everything! It is larger than life and three times the fun!