10 Weirdest Lucky Charms Around The World

10 Weirdest Lucky Charms Around The World

If you’ve been wondering how to boost your gambling luck, look no further. Check out the weirdest lucky charms we found from around the world and how they earned their esteemed place in the hearts and hands of superstitious folk.

1. Ladders

Drawing of ladder
Image Credit: mummies2pyramids.info

We all know not to walk under them but did you know that in Ancient Egypt they were placed in the tombs of the dead to help souls find their way up to heaven? Led Zeppelin was definitely on to something! Because of this, and the triangular shape they create when propped against walls, ladders are actually considered a symbol of good luck. And the best thing? You probably have one in your garden shed.

2. Cat’s Eye

Cat's eye stone
Image Credit: sampathgems.com

You don’t need to threaten one of the feline’s nine lives, no, we’re talking about the cat’s eye stone. The belief in India is that with one of these in your pocket you’ll have ever-lasting fortune. Easy to see why it’s often the good-luck charm of choice in the gambling world since it guards the carrier’s wealth from unforeseen business losses and promotes financial stability.

3. Tumi

Image Credit: i.ytimg.com

The national symbol of Peru, a tumi is an ornate, sacrificial ceremonial axe that brings good luck. Before you get any ideas about raiding your toolbox you should know it’s not just any old axe. It’s distinctively characterized by a semi-circular blade and hangs on the wall or door to bring good fortune.

Its beauty hides its gruesome history where the Incans and earlier cultures used it in religious ceremonies. Celebrating the sun god meant one unlucky llama would have its heart cut out so that its entrails could be used to pave the way for a divine future. What a way to go.


4. Three-legged Toad

Golden toad
Image Credit: wikimedia.org

This good-luck charm ain’t pretty but in China the three-legged, red-eyed toad is considered a good fortune and prosperity magnet. Called the Jin Chan, this rather ugly-looking ornament is kept in homes and businesses to keep bad luck at bay and bring in the money. Beauty really is within the eye of the beholder after all and if this little critter gets you on a winning spree, who cares if it’s a bit aesthetically challenged?


5. The Fascinus

Image Credit: pinterest.com

The Ancient Romans did a lot for society using sheer man-power so it’s no surprise that their lucky charm takes the form of a fascinus. Thought to protect from the Evil Eye this Roman amulet or sculpture is shaped like a divine phallus. To you and me, it’s quite simply a lucky penis.


6. Carp Scale

Carp swimming
Image Credit: wikimedia.org

For all you fishing fanatics out there this one’s for you. In Poland it’s traditional to eat carp on Christmas Eve and the saying goes that if you keep the fish scales in your wallet it will bring prosperity and good fortune for the following year. Seems easy enough to cart around but we’re not so sure about the smell.


7. Rabbit’s Foot

Rabbit's foot
Image Credit: wikimedia.org

Dating back to 600BC Europeans have been carrying around a rabbit’s foot for good luck. It’s popular across the Americas, China, and Africa too. Run, rabbits, run, it’s worldwide! Again, it’s all very specific. It has to be the left hind foot, as the left is supposedly the ‘evil’ side, so be sure to check which foot you’ve got hold of before you take one to the roulette wheel.


8. Alligator’s Teeth

Alligator tooth necklaces
Image Credit: atlanticcoralenterprise.com

Not just a questionable fashion choice, wearing one of these around your neck is actually considered pretty lucky and may be a better money-spinner than your milk teeth after a visit from the tooth fairy.

In Africa, some cultures use them to bring wealth and good fortune when gambling. If you’re into your casino movies, you might have noticed sometimes gamblers are seen wearing a few teeth around their neck. Now we know what that’s all about.

9. Scarab Beetles

Beetle charm
Image Credit: themagickalcat.com

In Ancient Egypt, amulets shaped like scarab beetles kept its carrier protected from all sorts of evil. These insects are associated with the rising sun and sun god, Ra. Just like Ra, who maintains the rolling of the sun across the sky each day, the scarabs keep their larvae well-nourished by rolling dung across the grass. They represent rebirth and transformation, so reinvent yourself and your lucky streaks with one of these good-luck charms.


10. Vulture Heads

Two vultures
Image Credit: designeranimals2011.wikispaces.com

Not a bird you usually want flying around you given their scavenger status. But their keen eye has led people to believe that they can see into the future. Definitely a power you want to possess at the casino, right? South African lottery players definitely think so and a well-preserved vulture head can set you back as much as $1,000. The poor vulture population is taking a hit for the expensive trend.

Whilst these charms might not actually affect the outcome of your game, they’ll certainly boost your confidence. It’s all about your state of mind after all, and if you’re feeling unbeatable, you’ll make better decisions. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your charm of choice and hit the slots. It’s your lucky day!

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