Westgate’s “Boombox” Brings CeeLo Green, Tone Loc, Kid ‘N Play and More

The “Boombox” residency at Westgate is back, with a fun line-up of throwback hip-hop acts whose hits you’ll know by heart.

The limited-run residency features CeeLo Green, Tone Loc, Kid ‘N Play, J.J. Fad and Thea Austin of Snap.

“Boombox” (full name, “Boombox, A Vegas Residency on Shuffle”) runs from Aug. 31 to Oct. 2, 2022.

It’s like a time machine, but without all the temporal paradoxes.

“Boombox” is billed as “the only hip-hop residency production show in Las Vegas.”

Which is remarkable and awkward if you think about it. Nobody in Las Vegas really talks frankly about why there aren’t hip-hop residency production shows at casinos, and we certainly aren’t going to bring it up because you can’t really talk about racism without creating what’s known in social media circles as “a shitstorm,” so let’s just move on!

“Boombox” was originally scheduled for April and May, 2022, but was postponed due to scheduling conflicts. Or, more accurately, drama.

Let’s just say Naughty By Nature is no longer in the show line-up. Long story.

We know a little something about “boom.” Boxes, not so much.

Here’s more about “Boombox” from the news release: “In addition to high-energy performances of their own multi-generational hits, the artists will alternate back-and-forth and collaborate on the concert stage together, accompanied by legendary DJ Eric B. and drummer, nostalgic videos, dancers and much more.”

DJ and producer, Eric B, of course, was one-half of Eric B. and Rakhim. Their best-known album was “Paid in Full.”

Ticket prices for “Boombox” are reasonable, ranging from $29 to $109, with an option for a VIP “Block Party Pit” experience for $250.

Bet you can’t guess which sections we’re sitting in.

The VIP package includes “on-stage premium seating, artist meet-and-greets, exclusive merchandise, a commemorative laminate, early entry and more.”

This should be an entertaining show, with some sure-fire crowd-pleasers in the mix.

CeeLo Green’s hits include “Crazy” and “Forget You,” the adorable, mainstream version of “Fuck You.” What are we all, babies?

It’s impossible to hear Ton Loc’s “Wild Thing” too many times.

Kid ‘N Play had better do “Rollin’ with Kid ‘n Play” and “Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody.”

J.J. Fad will no doubt perform “Supersonic” and Snap’s Thea Austin will do “The Power,” “Rhythm Is a Dancer” and “The Power.”

The bottom line: Good luck sitting down through the entirety of “Boombox.”

Get tickets at the official site.