VooDoo Zip Line at Rio Las Vegas Gives Critics a Smackdown With Visible Progress

For the first time since the VooDoo Zip Line was announced, nobody needs to Photoshop the lines between the two hotel towers at Rio Las Vegas.

VooDoo Zip Line
Don’t strain anything. We have close-ups.

Critics have been wary of the VooDoo Zip Line project, mainly due to a number of delays around the launch of the new attraction. The ride was supposed to open in the summer of 2013, but permitting issues and rumors of difficulty finding financing trampled several announced opening dates.

The most recent was an announcement stating the ride would open “in early March,” which obviously isn’t happening.

VooDoo Zip Line Rio
We trust they’re going to move that cell tower away from the landing platform. We like our thrill rides sterility-free, thanks. (Maybe that’s why the ride lists a minute and 10 seconds?)

That, however, appears to be behind us. Our friends at the Vegas Rover Facebook group even pointed us toward the Clark County permit inspections Web site revealing a long-awaited approval for the ride.

VooDoo Zip Line permit
It’s on the Internet, so it must be true.

Both the launch platform and landing platform are in place, as well as the lines which will take riders between the patio at VooDoo Steakhouse (see below), 40 floors up (no, not the 50-plus the hotel advertises), to the nearby Ipanema tower.

VooDoo Zip Line
There’s a net under the launch point, but please, no flip-flops.

Unlike many other zip lines, passengers will ride side-by-side, seated. After they arrive at the Ipanema tower, they’ll go back up the line, backwards, to the starting point.

Photos on the VooDoo Zip Line’s Facebook page show a test dummy making its way down the line, but there’s been no sight of the passenger contraption seat thingy. Yes, that’s the technical term.

VooDoo Zip Line
This blog’s lens is several inches longer than the lens used by similar Las Vegas blogs. If you know what we’re saying.

Tickets will cost $24.99 per person from noon to 5:30 p.m., $37 from 5:30 p.m. to midnight.

The VooDoo Zip Line should afford guests a stunning view of the Las Vegas Strip, especially the north half of The Strip given the angle of the ride.

VooDoo Zip Line view
Something along these lines. So to speak.

We’re happy to see some tangible progress being made with this new Vegas attraction. The VooDoo Zip Line may give a much-needed boost to Rio Las Vegas.