That Funky Smell at the Flamingo Must Be All the Vintage

The Flamingo has been dealing with some plumbing unpleasantness for a few weeks now, a dilemma that’s resulted in its food court being closed, among other things. We popped our head through the curtain to see what’s up in there.

This court is not in session.
This court is not in session.

Rumor has it two hotel towers at Flamingo have been closed because of this problem, and visitors are definitely noticing a faint sewage odor in certain parts of the hotel and casino.

Business at the hotel’s restaurants and retail shops has taken a definite hit because of the disrupted hotel occupancy.

There's no better place to get your pipes cleaned than Las Vegas, if you know what we're saying.
There’s no better place to get your pipes cleaned than Las Vegas.

In the casino, a long, cloth curtain has been erected. It runs in front of the Flamingo Showroom. Typically, such curtains are put up to block the view of construction, but here, its intention appears to be something other than visual. We have no verification of this, but we’re thinking there’s a chance the fabric might be a “fragrance containment force field.”

Any guesses about what purpose this curtain serves?
Any guesses about what purpose this curtain serves? We really, really hope we’re wrong.

Given it’s not concealing any construction, it occurred to us this fabric was put up to help prevent the unsavory smells from wafting into the casino. Casinos are a hotel’s money-maker, after all. If you hear different, let us know!

It’s unfortunate, but maintaining an older hotel (sorry, vintage!) such as the Flamingo can be a challenge. The Flamingo is the oldest hotel still operating on The Strip, and originally opened in 1946.

Update (8/9/13): We hear things just went from bad to worse at Flamingo! Construction at the former Bill’s (soon to be Gansevoort Las Vegas) caused a power outage at Flamingo, including the casino.