In a Stroke of Marketing Genius, High Roller Observation Wheel Offers “Free Mustache Rides”

It’s the most overtly sexual marketing campaign in recent Las Vegas memory: The High Roller Ferris wheel is offering guests “free mustache rides” during the month of November.

We’re not kidding. And, yes, this blog’s jaw has spent the better part of the afternoon on the floor as a result.

Mustache rides High Roller
Offering mustache rides is ballsy, even in Las Vegas, where marketing is known for pushing the limits.

Caesars Entertainment owns the High Roller Ferris wheel at the Linq shopping promenade, and because its customers tend to be older, Caesars is pretty conservative in its marketing messages. We know, this blog used to work there.

Here’s the exact text as it appears on the High Roller observation wheel’s Facebook page: “Grow those ‘staches. Free #MustacheRides throughout the month of November when you donate $5 to Movember USA!”

We’ll overlook the fact somebody might not have the firmest of grasps when it comes to the definition of “free.” That’s missing the point.

The High Roller is flat-out saying riders will receive complimentary oral sex in the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. Talk about an elevated level of customer satisfaction!

And people laughed when this blog provided tips for having sex on the High Roller observation wheel. Doesn’t sound so far-fetched now, does it? (Our post has had 38,000 views. Conclusion: People are freaks.)

High Roller
It’s easy to find the High Roller. Just look for the big O.

While there’s some peril in using such a saucy euphemism in a marketing campaign, the buzz it’s already created surely offsets any potential risk.

Good for Caesars for pushing the envelope. It should be noted, of course, that envelopes require licking. We’re just saying.