Stephen Thayer Is Out as G.M. and Vice President of The Strat

In our ongoing quest to shame the Las Vegas Review-Journal by beating them to every story in our town, we are forced to report all-around good guy Stephen Thayer is out as G.M. and Vice President of The Strat.

We haven’t seen the official statement yet, but we’re sure everyone will play nice.

We’ll say this in on-brand terms: Thayer didn’t jump, he was pushed.

Buzzkill scoop of the day.

We hear another nice guy Skylar Dice, VP and AGM of The Strat will step into Thayer’s role. Although, we haven’t heard yet if that’s temporary during the transition or permanent.

We’ve heard there’s a “reorganization” in the works, but details are few.

We don’t have time to write a fleshed-out story because we are needed at a nearby casino. For blog-related research.

Anyway, this news sucks because Steve Thayer is one of the coolest casino honchos we know, and we pretty much know all of them.

Thayer recently got married and had a baby, so he will probably enjoy a little time off.

That’s a picture of his wife, not the baby! Ha, ha, we joke because we love. They get that from everyone, so they’re used to it. Thayer and his wife are more like “work friends,” but we consider them friends nonetheless.

We trust Golden Entertainment, owner of The Strat, knows what it’s doing. Although, a decision like this doesn’t help make that case. Thayer is one of the good ones.

Thayer is beloved by his colleagues at The Strat, and we look forward to seeing where he ends up next.

Suck it, Las Vegas Review-Journal. Here’s some scoop for you! Our mom canceled her subscription. Be better.