Stalled St. Regis Tower at Venetian Gets Wrap Refresh

The abandoned St. Regis tower at Venetian has gotten a refresh of its wrap, which is both good news and bad if you know anything about the drama surrounding this faux tower on The Strip.

The wrap had been looking a little haggard for some time, sections were further damaged by recent high winds.

The good news is the damaged sections have been replaced.

There’s a St. Regis in the other Venice. Theirs has windows that open.

The replaced sections don’t exactly match the older sections, but at least the scaffolding is no longer exposed.

The bad news?

Refreshing this wrap isn’t cheap, and the bad news is it seems to convey there are no plans to finish the St. Regis Residences condo tower anytime soon, despite rumblings that could happen.

Contributing to the belief the towers will be finished are the fact two construction cranes are still atop the unfinished structure.

The cranes are valued in the millions, and were used for an upgrade to the Tao Beach Dayclub pool complex. The pool renovation is complete, but the cranes remain, taunting us.

Our contractor friend (whose company has built several Las Vegas casinos) continues to insist, “They didn’t put up $3 million in cranes for nothing.”

In August 2021, rumors were heating up the tower would be finished, but those plans appears to have been shelved. Again.

Construction was halted on the St. Regis Residences in 2008 when the economy tanked.

Former Venetian owner Sheldon Adelson insisted the structure would be completed. Adelson died in 2021.

Here’s another look.

Many Las Vegas visitors never even notice this isn’t a real building. Even the sober ones.

Venetian was recently purchased by Apollo (operations) and Vici Properties (physical assets). Vici and Apollo don’t appear to be in any rush to finish the St. Regis Residences.

Here’s a look at the west side of the building with its shiny new wrap.

The entire wrap on the TI side has been replaced.

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The St. Regis Residences are a fun Las Vegas conversation-starter, but we’d give all that up to see the project done.

Chances are Vici and Apollo have surveyed the Las Vegas landscape and decided now isn’t the time to bring on more room inventory, especially if the plans for St. Regis were still for it to be condos. There was a moment in Vegas when everyone was betting on condos, but the economy threw a giant wet blanket on the condo boom.

So, we wait, in a kind of condo limbo. Which would make a decent band name, come to think of it.