Save Bucks With Downtown’s $2 ATM Trick

ATM fees can be killer in Las Vegas casinos. On The Strip, ATM fees can be as high as $5, maybe more. Downtown isn’t much better, but we’ve got a handy trick to keep more dollars in your pocket when you’re making an ATM withdrawal.

Just off of the Fremont Street Experience, there’s an ATM with a fee of just $2. You’ll know it when you see it.

$2 ATM
Please don’t call them “ATM machines.” The “m” in ATM stands for “machine.”

Here’s how you find it: If you leave the main entrance of The D casino (although, why would you ever want to do that?), don’t go left or right. Go straight, toward Downtown Grand. About 150 feet later, you’ll see the $2 ATM sign.

Hey, three bucks in saved ATM fees is three bucks you can spend on something else, right?

And if you make 100 ATM withdrawals during your visit, that’s a whopping $300 in savings! You should totally try that. We’ll wait. Freak.