Rock in Rio USA Music Festival’s City of Rock Beginning to Look Like an Actual City

The Rock in Rio USA music festival is still months away, but its City of Rock venue is already looking more and more like a city. Rock in Rio USA happens May 8–9 and May 15–16, 2015.

Virtually overnight, the supports for a massive, six-story VIP tent have sprung up. The VIP tent skin is expected to be installed soon.

Rock in Rio festival
Rock in Rio originated in Brazil. This VIP tent marks Rock in Rio USA’s first erection on American soil.

We wish we could share photos of the rest of the open-air City of Rock site, but sadly this sign says there’s “no media access.”

No media access
Suck it, The Man. Consider yourself breached.

Do you know this Las Vegas blog at all? Security breach time!

Here’s another look at the tent structure.

Rock in Rio VIP
This is where the best-smelling people will be hanging out during Rock in Rio USA.

Other features of the City of Rock have also been put up in recent days, including the facades for one of its Disney-style themed streets, Rock Street UK. Other themed streets on the 40-acre-plus site will include Rock Street Brazil and Rock Street USA.

City of Rock
These old-timey facades appear to have been shipped in from another Rock in Rio site and reassembled. FedEx has got to be making a killing.

Here’s a map of the festival grounds to help get your bearings. The whole shebang is being built next to Circus Circus, near SLS Las Vegas and the Stratosphere.

Rock in Rio USA map
Please tattoo this Rock in Rio USA map on your inner thigh for ready access during the festival.

Rock in Rio USA’s City of Rock has several stages (Main, Sunset and EDM), and will have restaurants, shopping, the world’s largest mobile Ferris wheel and a 64-foot-high zip line.

Rock in Rio USA festival
In the foreground is the groundwork for Rock Street Brazil. The Ferris wheel will be near those trees. Hang in there, trees.

Here’s another batch of buildings.

Rock in Rio City of Rock
The City of Rock is expected to be a permanent addition to the Las Vegas Strip, like slushy drinks and walks of shame.

There’s clearly a lot more to come. We got a peek at a staging area for more facades in the making. Please make note of the boob jokes we’re not making. It’s a little thing called maturity.

Rock in Rio USA
Let’s hope somebody remembered to keep the assembly instructions.

Visit the official Rock in Rio USA site for the official line-up of bands so far. Performers include Taylor Swift, No Doubt, John Legend, Deftones, Metallica, Linkin Park, Bruno Mars, Joss Stone and many others.

Ticket sales have been brisk for VIP tickets, but general admission tickets haven’t been hitting sales goals. It was initially estimated 80,000 might attend Rock in Rio USA each day of the festival, but now those estimates have been scaled back considerably.

Rock in Rio USA music festival
We could make out some storefront signs like, “World’s Best Rockdog,” “Rockin Sandwiches and Juices,” and “Post Office.” Clearly, one of the benefits of having a captive audience.

Here’s a peek behind-the-scenes of what’s expected to be one of the largest music festivals in the history of Las Vegas, Rock in Rio USA.

Rock in Rio USA Update