Quirky Artisan Hotel Has Been Sold

You know it’s a slow news day when we share a story about the sale of a hotel that doesn’t have a casino.

The off-Strip Artisan hotel has sold for $11.9 million to Pro Hospitality Group, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

This is the one where you could rent the entire hotel for $7,500.

Shout-out to dyslexic sign makers everywhere!

The 64-room Artisan is also the place where guests are dinged with a utility surcharge.

The former owner was Stephen Siegel of The Siegel Group. Siegel purchased the Artisan in a bankruptcy.

The buyer is planning a $3 million renovation of the Artisan. The heat you feel is Pro Hospitality Group setting $3 million on fire.

On the bright side, the new owner hopes to make Artisan “cannabis-friendly.”

Weed lounges have been a hot topic since recreational marijuana became legal in Las Vegas, mainly while it’s legal to purchase, it’s hard for tourists to find a legal place to consume it.

Hotels with casinos won’t go anywhere near the world of cannabis, as it’s still illegal on the federal level.

Artisan could, theoretically, allow marijuana consumption on the premises once those laws are hammered out. The hope is such lounges will be approved and start opening in 2022.

According to the RJ, Pro Hospitality Group has a cannabis-friendly hotel in Phoenix called The Clarendon.

Could Artisan being cannabis-friendly make it a thing?

We’ll go with “no.” The Artisan with $3 million in improvements is still the Artisan.

In the vernacular of the street: Lipstick, meet pig.

The hotel sits at an awkward site at I-15 and Sahara Ave. If being orgy-friendly couldn’t get people to Artisan, weed probably won’t, either.

The new owners of the Artisan are in for a slog, just like all the previous owners.

We are fully onboard with your assessment the sale of Artisan barely reaches the very low bar for what qualifies as Las Vegas news.

It was either this or a story about how Delano is pronounced.

Yeah, probably should’ve gone with the Delano thing. (It’s pronounced like the President’s name, DEL-uh-no.”)