The Quad Has Even More Surprises in Store

The casino at The Quad Las Vegas has undergone some startling changes since it was the Imperial Palace. But there are more surprises in store.

In the center of The Quad’s casino is a large area still enclosed by a construction wall.

Quad construction
Don’t tease us like this.

If only there were some way to know what’s inside.

Quad construction
Let’s hear it for our security breach of the day.

Yep, there’s a whole lot of not much at this point, but the area in question is prime real estate at The Quad, right in the center of the casino. There are rumblings another casino bar could spring up in this space, possibly named 3535 Bar. (The address of The Quad is 3535 Las Vegas Blvd.)

In another portion of the casino, just around the corner from the craps tables and the loyalty club window is yet another construction wall.

Passing through, you might not even know there’s something in the works behind this rather bland wall. One of the bigger complaints about The Quad’s casino is it’s a bit boring, but that’s because it’s still a work-in-progress.

Quad construction wall
We’ll take door number one.

Again, if only there were a way to get a look at what’s behind that construction wall.

Quad construction
Bar? Restaurant? Total Rewards Diamond lounge? Massage parlor? Hey, we can dream.

It’s yet another large area to work with, and this location could easily be a bar or restaurant, so we look forward to seeing what The Quad has in store.

Just across from that construction area is another mysterious door.

Quad doorway
Vital Vegas, bringing you photos of doors since mid-2013.

Unfortunately, that one’s kept locked. However, we asked employees what’s up, and it’s rumored there are escalators being built behind that door, escalators which will take guests up a level to a new, as-yet-unannounced nightclub.

We were going to poke our camera inside the Guy Fieri’s new restaurant at The Quad, Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar, but there’s been little to no progress made in months, as far as we could see.

Beyond these developments, there’s good reason to believe long-awaited room renovations at The Quad will commence soon.

And we’re still hearing The Quad could get a new name, too.

We’ll continue to snoop around The Quad to see what new things lie ahead. Because this Las Vegas blog loves it some new.