Nove Italiano at Palms Las Vegas Rolls Out Revamped Menu

Of all the various food groups, Italian is our favorite.

So, when the popular Nove Italiano restaurant at Palms recently rolled out a menu refresh, we were all over it like gremolada on braised ossobuco, whatever those might actually be.

Nove Palms
Nove is Italian for “nine,” inspired by the company that originally managed the restaurant, N9NE Group. The restaurant celebrates its ninth birthday in October 2015.

This was our first visit to Nove Italiano at Palms, despite it getting solid word-of-mouth since it opened in 2006. Special thanks to our significant other, who works at Palms, for hooking us up so we got to sample a wider variety of dishes than we’d typically order. We are not made of money, we are a blog.

Our meal began, as most great meals do, with hooch. The cocktail menu has some new offerings, too, of course.

The Franc & Jean Martini has Tanqueray gin, Pama (pomegranate-flavored liqueur), passion fruit and Cabernet Franc.

Nove Palms
Cabernet Franc a black grape used for blending with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in the Bordeaux style. Which we knew off the top of our head, and that’s the story we’re sticking to.

To start, we had an item from the “Bar Bites” portion of the menu, the Arancini Balls. Arancini are stuffed rice balls coated with breadcrumbs and fried, as are most of the great things in life.

Nove Italiano
There’s a chance “Arancini Balls” is redundant as we have been unable to find them in any other shape.

A selection of complimentary breads followed shortly. The kids call these amuse-bouches, or “mouth amusers” in French. They’re gratis with your meal.

Nove Italiano
The most-ignored phrase in all of Italian cuisine: “Don’t fill up on bread.”

Next, we tried the Candy Striped Beet Carpaccio, with peaches, candied pecans and goat cheese.

Nove restaurant salad
Yes, we eat salads occasionally, and it’s rude for you to suggest otherwise.

While we’re not a big seafood person, we quite enjoyed the Shrimp Francaise appetizer.

Nove restaurant Las Vegas
The menu describes the Shrimp Francaise as “the best you ever had.” Which was true, mainly because we’d never had it before.

Time for another cocktail, don’t you think? A question we always, always ask rhetorically.

The Exotic Margarita got our attention because of its distinctive yellow color. The drink features Don Julio Silver tequila, Liqueur 43 (a Spanish liqueur made with citrus fruit and botanicals), passion fruit and organic blue agave nectar.

Nove signature cocktail
We are especially fond of organic blue agave nectar because it almost makes it sound like the Exotic Margarita is a health drink.

On to the entrees. There were several, so pace yourself. We certainly didn’t.

First, the pan-seared salmon. Again, we’re not a seafood person, but you wouldn’t know it from our empty plate.

Nove pan-seared fish
Consider this the “before” photo.

Also delicious was the Pomegranate Chicken Bake, with panko-crusted chicken stuffed with spinach, mushroom and mozzarella, drizzled with aged balsamic. You would think that in such a nice restaurant they’d be able to find some new balsamic, but even the old stuff was pretty good.

Nove Palms chicken
We’ll be here all week.

We don’t entirely know if Nove’s signature ravioli is new to the menu, but it was new to our face, and was one of our favorites.

Nove ravioli
The ravioli had truffles, pancetta (Italian bacon) and lemon butter sauce. If we ever have sexual intercourse with entree ingredients, those would probably be the ones.

While not inexpensive at $65, Marlon’s Surf ‘N Turf was also a stand-out. It has an eight-ounce filet mignon and Maine lobster.

Las Vegas decadence, thy name is Marlon.

Nove restaurant surf n turf
Marlon is Marlon Simbulan, the restuarant’s Executive Chef. Whom we would like to adopt us as soon as possible.

Of course, we couldn’t leave Nove Italiano without trying the chicken parm. While it didn’t resemble any other chicken parm we’ve had, it didn’t disappoint on the flavorfulsomeness side, assuming that’s even remotely a word.

Nove restaurant chicken parm
The chicken parmigiana had spaghetti, pecorino and pomodoro sauce. Pomodoro is “tomato” in Italian, but “pomodoro” just makes it sound fancier.

Heading into the home stretch, it’s time for a final cocktail, the Tiramisu Martini. It wasn’t our favorite, but liquor is liquor, and it made for a pretty photo.

Nove martini
Nothing personal, Tiramisu Martini. We’re not a coffee person.

Dessert was gratuitous at this juncture, but the bread pudding is the first we’ve ever enjoyed at any restaurant, and not just because of the ice cream.

Nove Palms dessert
Another widely-ignored phrase: “Don’t fill up on bread…pudding.”

We also tried the Biscotti e Gelato Italiano, just so we could share a photo, of course. It had
pistacchio, honey almond and chocolate biscottis and a choice of stracciatella, vanilla, chocolate, espresso, or dulce de leche (a high falutin way of saying “caramel”) gelato.

Nove dessert
Edible advertising is easily our favorite kind.

Other new menu items include Veal Milanese, Zesty Pea Tortellini, Spaghetti Carbonara and Potato Gnocchi, among others.

Beyond the tempting menu, Nove Italiano is undeniably romantic and has an impressive view.

There’s also an adorable little wine room with a table for two.

Nove Palms wine room
No idea if anyone actually dines in here, but in Las Vegas, gratuities make all things possible.

Marketing materials say Nove Italiano is on the hotel’s 51st floor, but we didn’t stop to confirm. Las Vegas hotels often skip floors numbered in the forties due to superstition. (Rio Las Vegas has 41 floors, rather than its publicized 51, for example.)

See the full Nove Italiano menu at the official Palms Las Vegas Web site, and thanks again to the Palms for their hospitality. While we were not charged for our meal, our opinions are our own, despite our significant other’s claims to the contrary.

Enjoy more photos from Nove Italiano at Palms Las Vegas, and let us know what you think if you visit.

Nove Italiano at Palms Las Vegas