New Wynn Las Vegas Show Name Revealed: “Awakening”

Wynn Las Vegas has done a masterful job of keeping the name of its new show a secret, until now.

We’re just a smidge masterfuler.

The show name, which has now been exclusively confirmed, is “Awakening.”

We can confidently predict when the Wynn Theater reopens, there will be fewer butterflies. Otherwise, the show would be called “Metamorphosis” or “Eclosion.” Yawn.

We’ve been on the case for months, poking around at Wynn and with our contacts in the Las Vegas entertainment world, but the show name was locked down tight with NDAs.

Few additional details are available, but we’ve been told the theme of the show is “saving magic.” That’s a broad stroke, but we’ve been informed the “magic” in the show is also “a metaphor for a much more universal and deeper idea.”

Given the sheer number of YouTube and TikTok videos showing how magic tricks are done, magic may indeed need saving.

Wynn’s new show has been a long time coming, but the show is expected to open in fall 2022. That part didn’t require any sleuthing, as there’s a sign near the Wynn Theater that says, “Our newest dream comes true in the fall of 2022.”

Sorry if we ruined the surprise a little, Wynn Las Vegas. We can’t not us.

For months, the only hint of the show’s name came from our moles who said the working title was “Olympus.” The theater was being called “Olympus Theater” internally, and the name was in the computer system used by employees at the venue. That name, it turns out, was a clever red herring.

At one point, the cast and crew of “Awakening” had a birthday party, and the name of the show was reportedly on the birthday cake, but we could never get our hands on it. The name or the cake. Frustrating.

“Awakening,” it turns out, is the real deal.

The show title doesn’t come with any baggage, although some will harken back to the film with a similar name, starring Robin Williams and Robert de Niro, from 1990.

Wynn Las Vegas is sure to share the backstory of “Awakening” when the show is officially announced, any day now.

Hopefully, our reveal of the show name will speed things along and we can finally learn more about this project.

“Awakening” replaces “Le Reve,” a long-running show at the Wynn Theater that closed during the pandemic.

Wynn Las Vegas itself was supposed to be called Le Reve (The Dream) at one point.

“Awakening” will be a reawakening of the Wynn Theater after a too-long pause, and “Awakening” from “The Dream” is a subtle nod to the prior show.

While “Le Reve” had shades of a Cirque du Soleil production (people often mistakenly assumed it was a Cirque show), we’ve been told this show will have more similarities to “Absinthe” (sans raunchy humor) than Cirque.

We’ll keep poking around to get more about the “save magic” theme, and you know we’ll share what we uncover.

One thing’s for sure, Wynn has spared no expense in developing this original show.

Someone with knowledge of the production says the show has cost “north of $100 million.”

Some amazing talent is involved in “Awakening,” and we’re champing at the bit to see what’s been in the works behind the construction walls at Wynn Las Vegas.

If “Awakening” is nearly as magical as the rest of Wynn Las Vegas, this new production is sure to be a smash.

Update (9/8/22): Further clues about “Awakening” can be found in an audition notice calling for leading roles in the show.

The character descriptions for “Awakening” are what’s known in the industry as “artsy-fartsy.”

In the audition notice, we learn the show is from Silent House Productions (and CEO Baz Halpin). Silent House Productions says it has worked with Pink, Calvin Harris, Britney Spears, the Jonas Brothers, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Imagine Dragons and Harry Styles, among others.

A little more inside baseball: The leads of this show will make $1,650 to $2,250 weekly.

A telling tidbit in the casting call: The performers can’t be afraid of heights.

There’s more to come about “Awakening,” the new show at Wynn Las Vegas.

Update (9/22/22): We got our hands on the “Awakening” font/logo.

You know we’re excited about this show when we’re excited about a font.

(Update 10/3/22): The “Awakening” sign has been revealed and illuminated.