McCarran Airport is Officially Harry Reid International, Nobody Really Knows Why

Look, we have to share this news.

Las Vegas is our beat, and the Las Vegas airport is in Las Vegas. Actually, it’s in Clark County, but let’s not go down that rabbit hole.

The point is no matter how annoying we may find this news (not for the reason you might think, by the way), we have to pass it along.

McCarran International Airport is, as of Dec. 14, 2021, Harry Reid International Airport.

Deep breaths. We’ll help you get through this.

Trust us, we know nobody’s going to call it Harry Reid International Airport. They’ll call it “LAS” or “Las Vegas airport” or “McCarran.”

They’ll call it McCarran because it’s been McCarran since 1968. It’s like a divorce. It takes about half the time the relationship lasted to really move on.

Which means someone might accidentally call it Harry Reid International Airport in 2046.

The bottom line here is this name change to Harry Reid International is a little dumb, and not because some people aren’t fans of Harry Reid.

Yes, the McCarran name had to go. Sen. Patrick McCarran was super racist and an anti-Semite. Good riddance.

But renaming the airport after another, arguably controversial, politician makes no sense unless it’s in the context of politicians schmoozing other politicians.

The renaming of McCarran to Reid is a lot about political favors, as well as currying favor. Which makes favor delicious, by the way.

We don’t follow politics all that much, but we assume the Clark County Commission is racking up some political points by naming the airport after someone who can still make a phone call and have people whacked or whatever powerful people do to show they’re powerful.


We kid. Can people even make jokes anymore?

airport graphic
If you feel your stress level rising about the airport name change, just look at this graphic at LAS that shows two planes getting it on and you’ll feel better.

The airport has a new name and we hope you’ll understand we had to write this story despite the fact there’s a really good chance complete nutjobs are going to post wacky things in the comments section.

While we believe in free speech, we also believe in deleting wacky comments, so please don’t bother.

We think Harry Reid did some great things for Nevada, and really, who cares all that much what the airport is called?

It should be named the Las Vegas International Airport, but we are not a commissioner. Nobody wants that job, really, it’s more boring than Criss Angel talking about his favorite motorcycle, which is saying something.

On the bright side, the airport name change won’t involve any taxpayer dollars, presumably.

The $4.2 million needed for the change came from private donors, probably from people who like their favor with a dash of curry.

If you hate Harry Reid, we want to reassure you, you are completely given permission to keep your hate inside. There’s no need to type up your hate to Tweet it or send it to a newspaper editor or leave it as a comment on a blog.

We believe in you and your ability to just go about your business.

It’s just a name on an airport. It’s not an insult or attack or political statement, promise.

It will still say LAS on your boarding pass. Come to think of it, you don’t even need a boarding pass at LAS anymore.

Whatever you call it, LAS is a portal to the magic of Las Vegas.

When you fly, please don’t get mad at your stewardess. And if you’re a male flight attendant, don’t get mad that we used the term “stewardess.” We like stewardesses better. You’ll manage. There are probably people who like you more.

If you don’t care for the name Harry Reid International Airport, don’t get mad at skycaps or ticket agents or the person at the airport gift shop selling you one of those U-shaped pillows for $36.

Just get on the plane and enjoy the flight. Flying to Vegas is part of the Vegas experience! It shouldn’t be tainted by politics or conflict or sobriety.

And when you land in Las Vegas, you are free to avert your eyes if you see Harry Reid’s name on the wall.

Go directly to a casino bar and avoid the urge to express your frustration there, too. Drink and relax. You’re in Las Vegas.

If you absolutely can’t stand the name Harry Reid International Airport, drive to Las Vegas next time.

Congratulations to former senator Harry Reid on having an airport named after him. It doesn’t make dealing with nutjobs for 35 years worth it, but it will still look good on his LinkedIn profile.