“Legends in Concert” to Close at Tropicana

A longtime Strip fixture is ending its run at Tropicana.

“Legends in Concert” closes at Trop on Dec. 30, 2022.

“Legends in Concert” has been at Trop for four years, and is expected to open at another venue soon.

“Legends in Concert” is a great way to see your favorite artists, living or dead, on the cheap.

“Legends in Concert” has pretty much always been the go-to tribute show in Las Vegas.

The most recent iteration of the show was an Elvis-themed version of the production, “Back in the Building.” The show featured three Elvis impersonators.

We’re pretty sure “Legends” went the Elvis route as a cost-cutting measure (the cast and band were trimmed), but unconfirmed.

Apparently, “Legends” didn’t get the memo Elvis isn’t really a thing in Vegas anymore. Sorry, die-hards, just a little reality check. Big Elvis at Harrah’s is the only Elvis we need moving forward.

Anyway, we’ve always enjoyed “Legends in Concert,” and it defied expectations by having a healthy run at Tropicana, where so many other shows failed before it.

“Legends” had a Gaga before Las Vegas had the actual Gaga.

“Tropicana curse” doesn’t really apply to “Legends,” as a four-year run is respectable. It’s just that with Tropicana, shows have to do more heavy lifting on the marketing side.

Other shows that have tried and failed at Trop include “Raiding the Rock Vault,” magician Murray Sawchuck and even “Mamma Mia.” “Mamma Mia” ran at Mandalay Bay for six years, but lasted a paltry three months at Tropicana.

Oh, and we can’t forget magician Jan Rouven. His run ended at Tropicana after he was arrested and convicted for possession and distribution of child pornography. Voila, career and freedom vanished. Rouven got 20 years in prison.

Just a randomly selected photo of a tribute performer from “Legends in Concert,” randomly inserted into our story to keep the words from slapping together.

One show crushed it at Trop, though, “Les Folies Bergere.” It ran for nearly 50 years at Tropicana. Then business sagged. (It was a topless show, required knowledge to make that a joke. Even if you know it, it’s still unclear if it qualifies as a joke.)

“Legends in Concert” showed the critics what’s up, having performed more than 700 shows during its four-year stint at Tropicana.

We suspect “Legends in Concert” already has another Strip venue lined up, but one announcement at a time for maximum publicity value!

While The King’s era in Vegas is long over, we suspect there’s more to come from “Legends in Concert.”

The producers have a great eye for talent, and the singers are always top notch and sing live. “Legends” tends to showcase a mix of music icons from the past and present, a formula other shows have found difficult to imitate.

We’ll let you know where “Legends” ends up next. In the meantime, “Back in the Building” has left, you know, the building.


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