The Latest Las Vegas Sports Arena Project That’s Definitely Going to Happen

In the spirit of setting aside our skepticism and staying ever-upbeat, we’d thrilled to report on yet another massive Las Vegas development project that’s definitely happening!

The project is a new sports arena and complex, featuring a 70,000-seat soccer stadium, convention area, racetrack and a hotel. Take a look at what’s been called the “Fusion Project.”

Las Vegas sports project
Las Vegas is the largest exporter of development project renderings in the world.

With their discerning eye for projects that are definitely happening, local Vegas media is reporting this sports complex will require 200 acres of space. Because if there’s anything in plentiful supply in Las Vegas, it’s lots of inexpensive, 200-acre sites upon which to build sports stadiums.

Here’s another look at this game-changing project.

Sports arena
We’re no architect, but it looks like the roof of the arena can easily be collapsed for storage like a folding windshield sunshades. Even we know innovative design when we see it!

Simply breathtaking!

The sports venue project has been in the works two years, although “no land has been locked down yet,” nor is there any evidence financing of any kind is even remotely in place. (It’s expected to cost about a billion dollars, which is not just some made-up number!) In the realm of Las Vegas development projects, though, these are minor details!

What’s important is the project is backed by an athlete. In Las Vegas, athlete-backed development projects always, always go off without a hitch.

In this case, the athlete is soccer coach and former player Daniele Fortunato. He currently manages S.C. Beira-Mar in Segunda Liga, wherever the hell that might actually be.

We don’t have  rendering of Daniele Fortunato, sadly, so let’s look at another rendering of this as-yet-unnamed project that is definitely happening, and probably very soon!

Las Vegas sports venue
Consider this project rendered.

About the project, Fortunato said, “I believe in this project 100% and people that are working this project believe 100% so the reason why we not fail, I don’t know now.”

It’s just that kind of articulate, visionary leadership projects like this need to ensure their success!

No official paperwork of any kind related to the project has been filed with anyone, but that doesn’t make the project any less likely to definitely be happening in what we suspect will be the very near future. Read more.

What do you say, one more rendering?

Las Vegas sports venue
Any 200 acres will do!

Here’s more information, including a local news report that’s clearly been rigorously researched and is anything but pointless, fanciful gibberish.

We can’t wait to hear more (or any) details about this exciting new sports arena project, backed by soccer star Daniele Fortunato, definitely happening in Las Vegas. Any day now.