Las Vegas Mystery Solved: How to Get Into the Downtown Cocktail Room

It’s a Las Vegas mystery as old as time. Well, actually, it’s been mystery since early 2007, but just play along.

Downtown Cocktail Room has become a popular hangout for those in the know about downtown, but the entrance to the place can be surprisingly elusive.

Downtown Cocktail Room
Understated would be one word for the Downtown Cocktail Room.

That’s because the bar’s doors don’t have handles or signs or a giant red arrow instructing guests how to enter.

We’ve got this.

Here’s a short video to assist you in finding your way into the Downtown Cocktail Room, made all the more amusing by the fact our first attempt to push the door was sort of a fail.

Downtown Cocktail Room is located just across Las Vegas Boulevard from Hennessey’s Tavern, and sits next to the Inspire theater at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street.

Downtown Cocktail Room just unleashed its spring cocktail menu, so you’ll want to take a gander.