Heatmap of Fun in America Yields Shocking Results

A group of scholars and social scientists has published a shocking new heatmap revealing surprising “pockets” of fun in America.

The new heatmap is the result of months of exacting research and analysis, and reflects recent strides in the ability of social scientists to measure and chart human moods, a “fun quotient,” if you will.

According to the research, Las Vegas appears to be a nexus of fun in America.

Heatmaps are related to choropleth maps, but that doesn't sound nearly as cool.
Heatmaps are related to choropleth maps, but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

In the material accompanying the new heatmap, experts explain the results: “Some of our results weren’t particularly surprising. Las Vegas pretty much has a monopoly on fun.”

“The other results require deeper analysis,” say the scientists. “For example, we find pockets of fun in places like Amish country. This is probably related to the euphoria experienced during barn-raisings. In Nebraska, respondents spoke frequently of something called ‘cow-tipping.’ The high level of fun in Georgia seems to relate to entertaining tourists who are taking canoe trips, specifically in the Cahulawassee River valley. It should be noted banjos lend themselves toward fun as well.”

The experts responsible for this heatmap state the conclusion is clear and dramatic. “There’s an alarming shortage of fun in America at the moment. If you value fun, you know where to find it.”