Today’s WTF: Gold and Silver Pawn Shop Named “Best Las Vegas Sight”

After a month of voting, readers of USA Today have named the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop the best sight in Las Vegas.

Gold and Silver Pawn Shop
Bellagio fountains: “Oooh, aaah!” Gold and Silver Pawn Shop: “Eww, that’s the line?”

The pawn shop, made famous on the reality juggernaut “Pawn Stars,” beat out the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, the Bellagio’s  fountains and Conservatory, the Stratosphere tower and the Venetian’s canals.

Hey, everyone’s entitled to their utterly misguided opinion.

Read the full list of the 10 best sights in Las Vegas at USA Today.

While one might disagree about whether the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop is the best Las Vegas sight, there’s no disputing its popularity as a Las Vegas landmark and tourist attraction, as evidenced by the throngs of fans waiting to get in.

Pawn Stars pawn shop Las Vegas
Most visitors aren’t even pawning anything. They’re buying “Pawn Stars” merchandise.

“Pawn Stars” made its television debut in 2009, and went on to become the History channel’s highest-rated show. It made household names of shop owners Richard “Old Man” Harrison, his son Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison (Rick’s son) and loveable goofball Austin “Chumlee” Russell.

The show has spawned other Las Vegas shows as well, including “American Restoration” and “Counting Cars.”

What gets your vote for the best sight in Las Vegas? And please don’t answer “boobs.” That gets old.