“Game of Thrones” Dragon Attraction Coming to Las Vegas

A new dragon attraction inspired by the HBO series “Game of Thrones” is coming to Las Vegas.

Details are sparse, but a teaser video featured a dramatically toasted “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

Everyone doing anything of a cinematic nature in Las Vegas has to muck with the Las Vegas sign. It’s the law. (See also “Army of the Dead” and every other apocalyptic movie, TV show or videogame, ever.)

Quick note to Jon Snow: You could’ve just broken up with Daenerys. Low blow, dude.

Please don’t get distracted by the fact the Las Vegas sign appears to have moved to a mountainside nowhere near Las Vegas. The graphics folks made up for it by setting the palm trees on fire, as that’s a very Las Vegas thing for some reason, possibly the fact that everything is more flammable when it’s 140 degrees outside for nine months of the year.

Moving on!

That image is about all we’ve been given related to the new attraction. It’s a screen capture from a Tweet that got the attraction on everyone’s radar.

We have spent most of our adult life in marketing, so have a robust disdain for “teaser” campaigns, but that’s all we’ve got for the “Game of Thrones” dragon attraction in Las Vegas, we’ll take what we can get.

There’s an official Web site for the new attraction. We also have a disdain for splash pages, but it’s just the regular kind of disdain (not the robust kind), despite the fact splash pages went out of fashion a decade or so ago.

“Must you always be so critical of everything?” you are thinking. “Just have some fun! It’s a new attraction and there will be dragons and possibly little people with terrible British accents!”

Point taken.

Can we at least agree Peter Dinklage’s accent in “Game of Thrones” was the second worst actor accent of all time after Don Cheadle’s in “Ocean Eleven”? Thank you! It’s refreshing when we can all find common ground.

Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons were named Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. If you knew this already, you need to get out of the house more.

Anyway, the “Game of Thrones” dragon attraction Web page offers interested parties the opportunity to provide their e-mail and phone number to learn more about the attraction when it becomes available.

Yes, against our better judgment, we provided our phone number and got a text which, again, provided zero information about the attraction.

While we wait for more information, we’ll take some guesses about the new attraction:

1) It will feature dragons.
2) Guests will hear the word “dracarys” a lot. (It’s the command given to dragons to make them breathe fire and turns enemies into kabobs.)
3) The attraction will be promoted as being immersive and interactive.
4) Everything involved will be state-of-the-art.
5) There will probably be costumes from the series on display. (See also the “Hunger Games” attraction still chugging along at MGM Grand.)
6) It will be much more satisfying than the finale of “Game of Thrones.”
7) The attraction will be infinitely better than “House of the Dragon,” the prequel to “Game of Thrones.”
8) Ironically, the attraction will be non-smoking.
9) Most of the attraction’s revenue will be generated from merch.
10) There will be two-for-one tickets available in 4-6 weeks after opening.

“You used to be so bright-eyed and excited about everything in Las Vegas,” you are thinking. “What happened to you?” Well, honestly, 50 immersive and interactive attractions happened.

Some are better than others, but none of them involve drinking or gambling, honestly. (Although, there is a “Game of Thrones” slot machine.)

Las Vegas has some history with “Game of Thrones.” Here’s a random item we Tweeted awhile back.

At one point, there was a “Game of Thrones” promotion that involved a show on the fountains at Bellagio.

We enjoyed “Game of Thrones,” so we’ll definitely check this attraction out, we just like to set our expectations low so we can be surprised by how fire it is. If you didn’t think we’d get a dragon reference into this story somewhere, you don’t know this blog at all.

“Game of Thrones” has a big fanbase going for it, and people love dragons as much as dinosaurs, probably.

A whole industry has grown up around tours and attractions related to the “Game of Thrones” franchise, with shoot locations becoming legitimate tourist attractions.

Check back again for further details about this new attraction, and we’ll cut and paste our asses off from the official news release when it’s available.

Update (12/21/22): We’ve exclusively confirmed the “Game of Thrones Dragons” attraction will be at Horseshoe Las Vegas (formerly Bally’s). The attraction will be located on the east end of the resort, near the Caesars Entertainment employment center. You can see the logo of the company involved with producing the attraction (SPiE) on the wrap around the Horseshoe’s surface parking lot.

We actually shared the location of the attraction before we knew what would be going in the space. Here’s where the dragon attraction will land at Horseshoe.