Four Queens Reopens Wana Taco, Drunchies Mecca

It’s been more than two years, but Wana Taco has reopened at Four Queens on Fremont Street.

We have a soft spot in our heart for this taco stand, as its location makes it a perfect jumping-off point for Fremont Street shenanigans. Or possibly hijinks.

Wana Taco originally opened in 2016. It reopened after a painful, years-long pause on August 5, 2022.

Wana Taco has been through a lot. It closed back in March 2020, when all the casinos in Las Vegas shut down due to the pandemic. Otherwise known as “The Dark Times.”

Even when casinos reopened, Wana Taco stayed shuttered.

Staffing challenges were the stated reason it took the offering so long to return.

Now, Wana Taco is back and ready to serve up some hearty fare at a reasonable price in a spot with a great view of all the WTF for which Fremont Street is known.

Here’s the new menu.

Life is full of decisions. Wana Taco basically has four.

Longtime Wana Taco fans (possibly just us) will be crushed to see the outlet no longer offers its beer-soaked hot dogs, some of the best in Las Vegas. The cookies are also out (you can still get them at Magnolia’s, the casino’s cafe).

On the bright side, the excellent tacos, nachos and quesadillas are back, along with a popular, but weird, item: Frito Pie. It’s Fritos topped with chili, queso, pico de gallo and jalapenos.

The Mexican Street Corn is new and the bigass pretzels are reliably good.

Nothing fancy on the streamlined Wana Taco menu, but it’ll do the trick and won’t break the bank.

“TACO” is a handy acronym to evaluate anything you encounter on Fremont Street: Time, Amount, Color, Odor.

Wana Taco at Four Queens is only open Thursday through Sunday for the moment.

The taco restaurants sits at the east end of Four Queens, pretty much bumping up against the 3rd Street stage. If you’re a fan of peaceful dining, this isn’t that. If you like live music, you’ll enjoy lots of it inside Wana Taco.

You will note that at no time during this story did we mention the incredible thing “taco” is slang for. It’s called maturity.

The din of the street (including the dipshits beating on pickle tubs), the adjacent stage and Viva Vision canopy all add to the flavor of the place.

Having just opened, the all-new staff was a bit overwhelmed during our visit, so take it easy on them.

As with other Four Queens restaurants, loyalty club members can use their points and dining credits at Wana Taco.

It hurt our heart a little whenever we passed by the closed Wana Taco space. It always felt like a symbol of Las Vegas not quite being back to its old self.

It’s great to see Wana Taco open again, and it’s a perfect fit for the value-driven Fremont Street district. There’s a time and place for fine dining, but sometimes you just need a thruple of filling tacos, a bag of chips and a beverage that doesn’t cost $14. (If you’re craving a hot dog, you can always get one at American Coney at The D, next door.)

Welcome back, Wana Taco.