CSI: The Experience Closes at MGM Grand

It seems CSI: The Experience is D.O.A. at MGM Grand.

While there’s been no official confirmation, our three-minute forensic security breach leads us to believe the attraction has closed permanently.

CSI closed MGM Grand
Even Gil Grissom’s keen eye would be hard-pressed to find traces of the CSI attraction at MGM Grand.

The CSI attraction has been unceremoniously yanked from the MGM Resorts Web site, but then again, who hasn’t been unceremoniously yanked in Las Vegas?

CSI: The Experience was inspired by the TV series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

In the interactive attraction, guests explored one of three staged crime scenes to test their investigator skills.

Sounds like some creepy good fun, although we never got to visit.

The closed CSI attraction space is currently being used by MGM Grand to store liquor. Which, for the record, we’re not entirely against.

Here’s a peek inside, because that’s how we roll.

CSI Las Vegas closed
Apparently, “CSI” can also stand for “Cases of Sweet Imbibements.”

A year ago, the attraction moved from The District at MGM Grand to a spot near Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club in The Underground, a retail promenade between the casino and the hotel’s parking garage. (Reason: It’s always rent.)

The whole stretch at The Underground is pretty much (wait for it) a dead zone now due to the pandemic, including challenges like travel restrictions and the lack of conventions.

MGM Underground map
You know is curtains when they take you off the map.

We reached out to the operator of CSI: The Experience, EMS Entertainment, for comment, but haven’t heard back yet.

An MGM Grand registration desk employee said they’re unsure if the closure of CSI: The Experience is permanent, but all the clues lead us to conclude the attraction has suffered an untimely demise.

Update (1/22/21): A former employee of CSI: The Experience shares confirmation, “It’s closed permanently. There was literally no way to maneuver through the pandemic without bankrupting the business. We were actually doing pretty well but the financials weren’t there to have a year of downtime after having to pay back the move from the old location. The closure has been permanent since July.”