Cosmopolitan Fire Wreaks Havoc On the Hotel’s Pool Deck

The 14th floor pool deck of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas was trashed by a fire that created billows of smoke and a serious freak-out in social media. Billows, of course, are one of the most popular smoke formations, second only to plumes.

Cosmopolitan fire
“It’s the hottest pool scene in Vegas!” Thanks to Courtney Cyr for the pic.

The fire, which happened just after noon on July 25, 2015, laid waste to cabanas and artificial palm trees. Injuries to humans were minor, with two people ending up in the hospital for smoke inhalation.

Damage to The Cosmo’s hotel tower was limited to a few broken windows and some heat damage to rooms on the hotel’s 14th floor.

It’s been reported 110 firefighters responded to the two-alarm fire The Cosmopolitan. In firefighter parlance, a “two-alarm” fire means, “Relax, it’s plants and cabanas. Vegas will make more.”

The cause  of the fire is still under investigation, but as with many such incidents, we’re putting our money on somebody doing something bone-headed. Probably with a cigarette.

There have been reports of hotel guests flicking cigarettes off their balconies. They have to fall somewhere, including on cabanas and artificial trees (the likely culprit, as authorities have determined the fire started in one of the trees).

Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt, and our Las Vegas firefighters kept the blaze contained.

Cosmopolitan fire
The Cosmo definitely caught a break this time. Clark County Fire Department Station 32 is just 200 feet from where the fire broke out.

The fire has caused minimal disruption at The Cosmopolitan, although the hotel’s valet was closed temporarily after the incident and the hotel’s 14th floor has some smoke and heat damage that will have to be repaired. The pool re-opened almost immediately.

Marquee, the hotel’s nightclub, was on social media immediately after the fire was extinguished, letting visitors know they’re open and ready to take obscene amounts of money in exchange for a place to sit.