Confirmed: Bellagio’s Lily Lounge Closes for Bruno Mars Concept

Lily Bar & Lounge at Bellagio will close permanently on July 9, 2023, according to MGM Resorts. Lily is a mostly forgettable lounge that’s been in operation since 2012.

In a brief statement, the company said, “The venue will transition into a new concept with an anticipated opening this winter. Additional details will be shared in the coming months.”

We don’t do months. Our sources say the space will be a new concept from Bruno Mars.

A Bellagio collaboration with Bruno Mars will make both cooler.

We should probably include a perfunctory photo of Lily Lounge. You still have time if you’d like to check it out.

Dibs on all this. Even in Vegas, beauty doesn’t always ensure success.

Our friends at the Las Vegas Review-Journal confirmed the scoop we shared back in March of 2022, 15 months before the closure of Lily was announced. Yeah, “friends” should be in quotations marks.

Bellagio hasn’t officially announced the new Bruno Mars venue, but the Review-Journal says it could be dubbed The Pinky Ring. The name is presumably inspired by a popular video set in Las Vegas, “24K Magic.”

In the video, Mars says, “Put your pinky rings up to the moon,” in addition to asking the timeless question, “What ya’ll tryna do?” What we’re trying to do is figure out why people wear sunglasses at night.

Short in stature, tall in charisma!

Per our sources, a Bruno Mars offering was slated to go to Mirage (previously operated by MGM Resorts), but the sale to Hard Rock International nixed that plan.

Bruno Mars is an avid blackjack enthusiast, although not particularly good at actually winning, we understand, so Bellagio can expect a big spike in gaming revenue when the singer’s new lounge opens this winter.

Bruno Mars has had a successful residency at Park MGM on the Las Vegas Strip. The residency resumes in August 2023.

Mars made a splash when he gave a surprise performance at Cosmopolitan following a Silk Sonic show (a group featuring Mars and Anderson Paak), now also operated by MGM Resorts.

We have no idea what the new Bellagio lounge will be like, but if Bruno Mars is involved, we already have positive feelings about it, despite not knowing why, exactly.

Beyond his undeniable talent, he seems an affable guy, and seems up for some fun and we’ve heard zero about any diva behavior during his Las Vegas run. Trust us, we’d have heard about it.