Circa, The D and Golden Gate Revamp Players Club, There’s a Twist

The casino loyalty club for The D, Golden Gate and upcoming Circa is getting an overhaul, including a new set of tiers.

The new One Club tiers have been officially announced, but we’re even more intrigued by one that hasn’t. Been announced. Please try and keep up.

Here’s a look at three of the four new One Club tiers: Gambler, Maverick and Legend.

One Card loyalty club Circa
Fun fact: One Club’s tier names were inspired by characters from “Top Gun.” Additional fun fact: We may have just made that up.

Among other things, it’s refreshing to see a casino calling it “gambling” rather than “gaming.”

If you look closely at the graphic, the colors of the cards correspond to the circles in the background. Three cards, four colors.


We hear there’s another tier, for elite players, that won’t be available to the general public. Invite only. Or as it’s called in the business, an “aspirational tier.”

We already have our eye on you, aspirational tier.

Word is the name of the highest tier is a nod to Vegas Vickie, the iconic neon sign making her return to Fremont Street when Circa opens on Oct. 28, 2020, kicking leg and all.

Vegas Vickie Circa
Not a rendering! Thanks to our friends at Circa for letting us be the first to share their amazing photo of a restored Vegas Vickie on the Twitters. Yes, we got weepy.

While we couldn’t ferret out details about this “mystery” fourth tier, we did snag specifics about the three official One Club tiers.

Here’s an exclusive first look.

One Club benefits
Who brings the boom? We’ll wait.

We asked, and One Club has no plans to tier match at the moment. (That’s where casinos match an existing tier status at a competing casino to get your play.)

It’s worth noting players get cash back at the Legend level. We’re pretty sure that’s new.

We’ve found One Club to be very generous with its perks, and it appears that won’t be changing with the new players club structure.

We play at The D and Golden Gate fairly often, and actually find it challenging to use all our free play and dining benefits. We seem to rack up comp dollars quickly, too, hence the embarrassingly large number of branded clothing items in our closet acquired from The D’s gift shop.

The new loyalty club tiers for Circa, The D and Golden Gate debut Oct. 23, 2020.

The Oct. 28 opening of Circa Las Vegas is the most exciting thing to happen in Las Vegas in 2020, and the new loyalty club tiers and perks are icing on the cake.

See you at Circa! And The D. And Golden Gate. We don’t want to play favorites.