Binion’s Cafe Moves Downstairs During Expansion

The home of one of the best burgers in Las Vegas, downtown’s Binion’s Cafe, has been moved temporarily for an expansion.

Binion's Cafe
In Las Vegas, it’s important to practice safe renovations.

We’re hearing lots of good things about the changes to come, including a doubling of the cafe’s seating capacity, as well as the addition of a fancy new pizza oven and broiler in the kitchen, which will result in a slew of new menu offerings. As if we ever order anything other than the burger.

While the renovations are happening, you’ll want to seek out the temporary Binion’s Cafe, down the stairs past Benny’s Bullpen.

Binion's Cafe
Binion’s fans will recognize this entryway. It leads to the casino’s former coffee shop.

The temporary Binion’s Cafe is less lively than the usual one, but we’re happy to report the food is just as delicious, despite the decrease in elevation.

Binion's Cafe
It’s temporary. Don’t judge.

Thankfully, we can still sit at a counter when we’re dining solo.

Binion's Cafe
You want vintage Vegas, you got it.

Kudos to Binion’s for keeping its fully cafe staff on board during this transitional period, and that includes Mel and Michelle.

Mel has worked at Binion’s for a whopping 33 years, and Michelle has been there for 10 years. It’s not just the burgers that make Binion’s special.

Binion's Cafe
Thanks for playing along, you two.

The newly-renovated Binion’s Cafe is expected to debut in March, 2014. Maybe we’ll see you there. Just don’t get between us and our burger, unless you’d like a new nickname like “Three Fingers.”