Aria Wisely Closes “Zarkana” in Favor of Convention Space

The weakest show in the Cirque du Soleil family of Las Vegas shows, “Zarkana,” has smartly and finally been euthanized at Aria Las Vegas. The production’s last day was April 30, 2016.

“Zarkana” is only the second Cirque show to close in Las Vegas. The other, “Viva Elvis,” also tanked at Aria. “Viva Elvis” left the building in 2012.

“Zarkana” was a combination of “bizarre” and “arcana.” “Arcana,” of course is Latin for, “WTF were they thinking?”
“Zarkana” had all the things audiences have come to expect from a Cirque du Soleil show, with the exception of it being good.

The best way to describe “Zarkana” would be that it was the theatrical equivalent of a New Jersey Turnpike, a drink made from squeezing the contents of a bar rag into a shot glass.

Rather than attempt another show, Aria has instead opted not to replace “Zarkana,” but rather will use the theater space for an expansion of the hotel’s convention center.

Luckily, this performer has a fall-back career as an arcade claw game.
Sound familiar? The Riviera was closed for the same reason. The main difference is some people will miss the Riviera.

We’re probably being a little hard on “Zarkana,” but Cirque du Soleil so rarely misfires, we might not get the chance again.

Oh, right, “Zumanity” is still at New York-New York.

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